Lady Gaga Praises Prince After He Accused Her Of Purchasing 'Billboard' Woman Of The Year Award

Lady Gaga wrote a very spiritual post about Prince this weekend. Rolling Stone has the news.

"Lady Gaga took to her social media accounts this weekend to remember Prince. On Saturday, Gaga tweeted a lyric from and a link to Prince's 'Sign O' the Times' video along with the message, 'Gonna miss u man, thank u 4 all u gave to music and the world.' However, she expanded on her feelings in the aftermath of Prince's death in an Instagram post Sunday."
Lady Gaga's Instagram message was heartfelt and different from most of the other tributes. Even though Lady Gaga's heart obviously appears to be in the right place, some people in the comments section after the article aren't too impressed.

"Lady Gaga, once again, latching on to better artists to further herself," says 777.

"HE HATED HER! Last December he even tweeted a letter from a Billboard editor accusing her of cheating her way. Even though the letter was real or not he nonetheless felt like exposing the fraud that this person is. She's the biggest industry puppet. Fake fake fake to the bone," says Pizzazz.

Lady Gaga R. Kelly
R. Kelly is a fan of Lady Gaga, but Prince wasn't. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]The letter Pizzazz is referring to was tweeted -- and then deleted -- by Prince after Gaga was awarded "Woman of the Year" by Billboard. Prince's original tweet spread through Twitter like a whirlwind. The blog magazine Olisa reported on the controversy.
"Two days ago, Lady Gaga was declared the Woman of the Year by the prestigious Billboard magazine. But American singer and multi-instrumentalist Prince has just kicked off a controversy after he reposted a letter from a Billboard employee hours after Lady Gaga was given the award, which insinuated that she bought it."
The letter Prince posted and deleted has been reposted several times from others.
There is just one small problem for all the Lady Gaga haters out there: Nobody knows where this letter came from (Prince never mentioned the source) and it is not known if the letter is legit. Perhaps Prince deleted his post because he couldn't confirm the authenticity or because Lady Gaga's fans bullied him on Twitter.

Perhaps one of the reasons Lady Gaga tweeted the touching Instagram post was because she didn't want to be represented by some of her very vocal fans, some of whom spent hours on the Internet sending mean messages about Prince's death. They were still angry about Prince's accusations against Mother Monster, which might or might not have been false.

When Lady Gaga did her tribute to David Bowie at the Grammy Awards, Bowie's own son wasn't too thrilled.

Soon, some of Gaga's "Little Monsters" sent some vile tweets back to him then.
Lady Gaga, who has been an advocate of bullying, would likely cringe at some of the posts her fans are sending out. Do you think Gaga should send out a message reminding her fans about her message of love and bravery? Let us know in the comments section.

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