Man Gets DUI For Driving Bulldozer While Drunk

A Georgia man has a lot of explaining to do after he received his second DUI — this time while driving a bulldozer. While this is not the strangest DUI vehicle (see the man who got a DUI on a lawnmower), it is probably one of the bigger vehicles involved in a DUI offense.

The man, Cody Ray Gibbs, 22, was allegedly under the influence when he intentionally destroyed a concrete curb, erosion silt fence, and landscaping using a bulldozer at a Powder Springs construction site where homes were set to be built, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the arrest warrant obtained by the AJC, police state that Gibbs did not have the consent of the property owners to operate the massive piece of construction equipment between 2 and 2:30 a.m. on August 2, although that apparently did not stop him.

The warrant makes no mention on if Gibbs was employed by the company who owned the bulldozer or not. The Georgia man was arrested a week later and charged with second degree criminal damage — a felony.

The estimated property damage resulting from Gibbs’ drunken bulldozer extravaganza is said to be $10,000, according to property developers. The Huffington Post notes that Gibbs was arrested last week for the crime, but was released on bond on Tuesday.

The bulldozer incident is not Gibbs only recent brush with the law, as he was arrested on July 28 for DUI, driving without a license, and making an improper lane change. Authorities released him the same day, although upon reflection, perhaps they shouldn’t have done so.

Interestingly enough, Cody Ray Gibbs is not the only man to be arrested for drinking and driving a bulldozer, as Robert Tite earned his first DUI charge in 2009 for driving a bulldozer into his neighbor’s property while drunk.

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