Deborah Smith: Georgia Woman Who Shot Child’s Phone With Gun For Spending Too Much Time On Social Media Loses Two Kids To Social Services

Deborah Smith, a Georgia woman who posted a video on YouTube blasting her son's cellphone with a rifle because of his rampant use of social media in 2015, has lost custody of two of her children after she accused them of "dealing in drugs" and burned their beds because they did not need to "sleep it off."

As the Daily Mail reports, the "Southern Momma" who posted the video on social media said she was only trying to send a message and find a solution to her stubborn teens.

Deborah Smith has five adopted children, their ages ranging from 16 to 29. Two of the kids are biological brothers, the other three are a sister and two half-brothers. In 2015, Smith succumbed to pressure and bought all the kids mobile phones. But she said they began to behave badly, refusing to do their homework or help around the house.

Her son, Ethan, who was 15 at that time, was the main culprit, behaving badly and hanging out with the wrong crowd. The two other boys, Robbie, 16, and McKenzie, 17, were not far behind in the "acting up" department. Smith showed her disapproval of the influence social media was having on her kids by destroying Ethan's cell phone. She blew it to smithereens using a 12-guage shotgun and smashed it to pieces with a sledgehammer.

Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith was quite upset with the influence social media was having on her kids' lives. [Image via Shutterstock/Twin Design]

A camera that was filming it all pans to the children, one has left, but a boy and a girl remain.

"I take back my role as parent to my children," Smith yells.

The boy that left returns, sticking out his middle finger for the camera.

"I refuse to be cursed...I refuse to be disobeyed...get a shot of them," she tells the male who is filming everything.

One does the double bird again.

"My children's lives are important to me than any electronic device on this earth…I refuse to have them influenced in negative ways…contacting people they don't know, being involved in drama they don't need to be in, and being in trouble for having phones out."

One of the kids interrupts "Good for you but we still don't give two f***s."

Things improved for a time, but the gun-toting momma soon complained about the teenagers hanging out at night with friends. She said one of them, Robbie, started getting into trouble with the law for dealing drugs, even though he has not been charged with any drug offense.


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"I made another video because my boys were out of control…they are stealing from us, they're buying drugs and hanging out with 'drug-thug buddies,'" she said with a shotgun in hand.

She then proceeds to burn her son's bed to ashes.

This time, someone called Coweta County Department of Children and Family Services. The social worker only wanted Smith to sign a "safety plan" agreeing not to use deadly weapons in front of her teenagers, but Smith refused to sign, saying that it contravened her First and Second Amendment rights. As a result, two of her kids were taken away from her.

Do you believe Deborah Smith deserved to have her kids taken away from her for burning their beds?

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