April 25, 2016
Rachel Roy's Daughter Dissed By Beyonce Fans In The Wake Of Jay Z 'Lemonade' Cheating Revelation

Rachel Roy's daughter is receiving thousands of death threats following the revelation that her mother had an alleged affair with Jay Z, having already been married to Beyonce at the time.

Over the weekend, Beyonce premiered her new album Lemonade in the form of a televised visual on HBO. It didn't take long for fans to figure out that the record in its entirety is mainly aimed at Jay Z and the mysterious woman he supposedly had an affair with.

While Beyonce never went on to mention the unidentified female, "Becky with the good hair" seemed to have been enough for her fans to figure it out themselves. Rachel Roy, a former friend to Jay and also the ex-wife to Damon Dash, is reportedly known to boast about her good hair on social media quite frequently.

As one could have imagined, Roy was flooded with death threats all over her Instagram comment section, where Beyonce's fans threatened to hurt the socialite should she ever dare come near the singer's husband again.

Endless lemonade icons were being posted on every platform associated with an official Rachel Roy account, making it evidently clear that fans were out to make the 42-year-old's life hell. It seemed to have worked, as Rachel has since made all of her social media accounts private in hopes that the controversy will soon die out.

But Beyonce's fans are not stopping just yet. According to reports, they have now moved over to Rachel's daughter, Ava Dash, who is a frequent user of Twitter and Instagram.

Sources state that the whole situation has gotten so out of hand that Ava, 16, is now being made the latest victim in the Lemonade cheating revelation fiasco.

"YOUR MOM IS A HOE BI–H! SHE REALLY IS," one user writes, as another soon added, "Ur mom is a groupie a– c-nt b–ch…and will continue to get dragged to filth!!!!"

It didn't stop there. Similar to Rachel's situation, Ava's Instagram account has been flooded with lemonade icons in reference to Beyonce's new album. One news outlet claims that Rachel Roy's account being made private caused fans' hatred against the socialite to turn towards her loved ones.

Roy has since tried to soothe the old wounds that have now been opened by stating on Twitter that bullying is never the answer to any sort of disagreement.

She writes, "I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind."

It is believed that the 2014 elevator incident between Solange Knowles and Jay Z was solely caused on Rachel Roy's behalf, who was alleged to have been getting relatively close with the music mogul throughout the Met Gala afterparty event they had attended.

"Becky wit the good hair" has been trending all over social media platforms including Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram. On top of that, Lemonade, which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Tidal, went straight to number one following its digital release earlier today.

In the end, Beyonce seems to have gotten the last laugh, but is it fair for fans to bring an innocent teenager in the mix of things? Shouldn't the blame be focused on Jay Z and Rachel Roy?

[Photo by Joe Scarnici and Mike Coppola/Getty Images for World of Children Award]