Hillary Clinton And What Her Huge New York Win Signals

Forces opposed to a Hillary Clinton victory will need to adopt a first-things-first approach for today, April 26, if these forces are intent on destroying the momentum of a Clinton who seems to have employed a Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back campaign. So successful was Hillary's push for the New York primary that, according to The Huffington Post, "Clinton is now statistically tied with Donald Trump in national polling, while Sanders beats Trump by 10 points."

Today's special: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware. Voters here today must be told that Hillary has stopped playing Mrs. Nice. She has so completely shed that image that she might as well bring in Storm Troopers at the gates of the polls.

But come to think of it, politics is a dirty game anyway, so why is there a need to be the wolf that wears sheep clothing? Doesn't this smack of hypocrisy? This is why Hillary Clinton, like Diana Ross in the song "It's My Turn," makes no apologies. And if Hillary were to finish the classic song, she could sing: "I have given up the truth for those I've tried to please. But now it's my turn."

Kudos to Mrs. Clinton, she has obviously learned a lot from her 2008 defeat to Barrack Obama. Still, political observers choose to look at her as the Al Gore in this chess game that is the U.S. presidential race. Let us see how far Hillary has taken the "no apologies" stance.

She has completely gone over to the Dark Side, and who can blame her? She is only trying to win, and don't we all? The Lady Sansa is no more. She has so completely succumbed to Little Finger's teachings. To illustrate, she has no plans of taking prisoners. Translation: Hillary Clinton has no plans of bringing back to the Democrat fold those Bernie Sanders supporters who have shunned her in favor of the other Democratic candidate. After all, haven't they sworn to support Donald Trump from the other camp?

It's definitely a classic chess move. Avoid treachery and Rob-Stark-like death by never trusting people who have already dealt you a bad hand. There is even news that Hillary Clinton has been deploying online trolls lately to influence social media channels.

A lot of Democrats seem to assume that Clinton will be much more vulnerable in the fall than she is even now, when her "favorability" ratings are lower than any candidate except for Trump. Hence, Hillary will be wise to watch her back or have somebody watch her back. The Week dishes out the following unsolicited advice for Mrs. Clinton.

"Plenty of people think Trump is going to run a scorched-earth campaign against Clinton, that he will try to bury her among women by pointing out how Clinton shunned and tried to discredit women who accused President Clinton of misdeeds. That by November, Clinton will inevitably be much weaker than she is now, and that she might lose blue states like New York as a result."
Surely this sounds like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling telling her readers to expect more deaths or Star Trek going "Into Darkness." Accordingly, the former Secretary of State can expect lots of road bumps ahead and not a few stone peltings happening here and there. So it looks like the United States is headed for a November 8 that will be the dirtiest and the ugliest election in the history of the country.

In her campaign for the U.S. Iron Throne, Hillary Clinton will also do well to remember the role that luck plays in the scheme of things. For example, she should consider it a blessing that Sanders is in the game. For without the Sanders card, she would not have been able to weaken Donald Trump's spin. Thus, she must not forget to hope for the best, but at the same time, she must be prepared for the worst.

Of late, she has been criticized by observers for changing her tact in the political arena that is the presidential race and no longer playing Mrs. Nice. But how can she expect to win against Donald Trump if, like a dog, Hillary Clinton doesn't learn to be bad?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]