'Love & Hip Hop' Stars Hazel-E And Jhonni Blaze Feud On Social Media Over Katt Williams

Katt Williams can add woman trouble to the list of drama that he has to deal with. Despite being in a lot of legal trouble lately and having been arrested multiple times, it looks like the ladies of Love & Hip Hop just can't leave Katt alone. Now his ex-girlfriend Hazel-E is sparring on social media with Jhonni Blaze after she posted a picture with the troubled comedian, and the heart emojis that were included in the caption seemed to cause quite an upset.

When Hazel-E saw Jhonni's post, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star went off on her former friend. "This old tired washed up stripper who was last spotted sleeping a bathtub has nerve to start beef with me when I didn't even mention her name over a video that was taken days before she jumped on my ex's c**k," Hazel-E began her rant in a comment on the photo. "But she been a fan of me since my Girl Code mixtape, I done paid Jhonni at Dreams & Sues Rendezvous, I've listened to every sad story, tried to vouch for her at LHHH & LHHNY."

Hazel-E blasted the former Love & Hip Hop New York star, airing a lot of dirty laundry that could make the stripper turned singer look pretty bad. She even claimed that Jhonni skipped out on paying a publicist that she set her up with. Hazel-E wrote, "I have so many receipts even down to the publicist I tried to help you get to promo your single and you didn't pay her. You a raggedy b***h Johnni and that's why our interactins have been limited."

The entire comment written by Hazel-E is pretty lengthy and has enough profanity that we really can't repost a screenshot. The best parts have been shared, but The Shade Room has all the receipts and Hazel-E's complete response to the picture of Jhonni Blaze and Katt Williams. Not to mention that Jhonni has already clapped back and claimed that Katt gave her a ring but that she returned it because she's not all about the money.

It turns out that Hazel-E is still dealing with the fallout from just living with Katt during all of his legal mess. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star was arrested right along with Williams back in March when his house was raided. After she was able to get bailed out of jail, Hazel-E called off her relationship with Katt and headed straight back to L.A. In her comment to Jhonni, she even talked about it when she said, "I'm still in legal trouble with this n***a & my so called friends a month later all tryna be his latest project."

There are rumors that Jhonni Blaze might be showing up on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She's been asked about it repeatedly on Twitter and even though she reposts many of the inquiries, Jhonni still hasn't answered the question. Since LHHATL is currently airing Season 5 on VH1, there's a good chance that she could show up in one of the future episodes. That would explain perfectly why she was in Atlanta and hanging out with Katt Williams in the first place.

Do you think Hazel-E was right to call out Jhonni Blaze for hugging up with her ex-boyfriend in a Twitter photo? Or is Katt Williams fair game now that the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star dumped him and headed back to Los Angeles? Tell us what you think of this crazy Love & Hip Hop drama in the comments below.

[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]