'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: The Truth About Christian Is Revealed, But More Heartbreak May Be On The Way

Young and the Restless spoilers tease that this week, the truth about Sully being Christian is finally revealed, and fans cannot wait to see this play out. However, there is buzz swirling that the truth emerging may bring unexpected heartbreak, and viewers are bracing themselves to see if the rumors are accurate. The week of April 25 also brings some action involving Victor as he plans from his prison cell, Abby as she works through her grief, Hilary as she continues her power grab, and many others throughout Genoa City.

Sage and Sharon have been working together to figure out the truth about Sully's birth, but Y&R teasers detail that things take a serious turn over the course of this week. Patty reveals that the things with the pregnancy and baby's birth were not at all as they seemed, and Nurse Stevens independently reveals some key information as well. Young and the Restless spoilers via Soap Central detail that a DNA test will be done on Sully, and soon the truth about his identity is finally uncovered.

Is Christian finally reunited with Sage and Nick? That is where viewers have expected this to head, but as SheKnows Soaps shares, there is a rumor floating around that she may die before the reunion happens. This Y&R teaser has fans buzzing, and not everybody is happy about the possibility that the show has decided to head in this direction. Actor Peter Bergman recently teased that someone in Genoa City would be dying soon, and with all of the talk of hope for the future between these Newman newlyweds, it certainly could make sense to kill off this character.

However, actor Joshua Morrow chatted with Michael Fairman's On Air, On Soaps not long ago and shared Young and Restless spoilers that hinted otherwise. He said that Nick and his wife would be reuniting with Christian once the truth about "Sully" is uncovered. In addition, he detailed that the truth about Christian being Adam's biological son would emerge and that this would come out after the family was reunited.

Those teasers from Morrow make some wonder if the storyline changed gears, if the rumor about the impending death is inaccurate, or if there are just many more layers to come when it comes to Christian's identity being discovered. This big reveal will obviously impact many in Genoa City, including Nick, Dylan, Chelsea, and Adam as well as the two women currently at the center of the drama. There will be no simple wrap-up to this Y&R storyline, that much is clear, and fans are bracing themselves to see how this revelation shakes things up for Nick, Adam, and Dylan's relationships.

Of course, there have been hints that Nick and Sharon could end up reuniting at some point, and it may well be that the grief they both share in losing Sully/Christian is the catalyst that makes this happen. Chelsea and Adam worked through the drama surrounding the fact that he was Christian's biological father, but could their relationship falter when Sully's true identity is revealed to everybody and the baby is now back in the picture?

In addition, Y&R teasers indicate that actor Justin Hartley, who plays Adam, will soon be working alongside his real-life love, Chrishell Stause. She has been cast to play a character named Bethany, and she will begin appearing in May. From the sounds of things, multiple relationships in Genoa City will be facing enormous obstacles soon, and shake-ups may well be on the way.

As for Victor, he will be growing closer to Dr. Meredith Gates as this week plays out, and Y&R teasers share that he will soon have another heated confrontation with Nick. Abby is heartbroken over the loss of her baby, and she will be making some accusations against Max. Kyle makes a brief appearance, seemingly his last, during Tuesday's episode, and Hilary will have tense conversations with both Neil and Jack in the days ahead.

Will Nick and Sage have a beautiful reunion with Christian when the truth about Sharon's faked pregnancy with Sully is revealed, or could things shift due to a shocking death? How will Adam and Chelsea react to the news regarding Sully? What kind of plan will Victor form to regain the control he seeks, and how will Meredith be involved? This is a week of episodes that Young and the Restless fans will not want to miss, as spoilers tease that fans will be buzzing as the drama escalates in Genoa City.

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