Microsoft Bans ‘Metro’ Naming Convention From Windows Stores

Developers hoping to have their Windows apps accepted into the Windows Store will be required to keep out the name “Metro” out of any advertising or app screen mentions. According to Microsoft, failure to meet that requirement will lead to an immediate “fail certification” warning.

While the Metro term is still used in various other places by the Microsoft team, the announcement was made via the company’s “Naming your app” instructional menu.

With many apps already built and ready to be submitted, many developers now face the very real task of re-branding their apps to match Microsoft requirements. In some cases, the Metro name was actually implemented into the apps name; for example, Twitter client MetroTwit will now have to change its name while reminding customers that it is still the exact same platform they have come to love.

While Microsoft has not said why it is moving away from the name Metro, there is a very good chance it has to do with a potential legal dispute the company is facing from another firm that claims rights to the name.

When changing the Metro name in marketing materials earlier in the month, Microsoft noted:

“We have used Metro style as a code name during the product development cycle across many of our product lines” and that as final release draws closer “we will use our commercial names.”

The Metro naming convention change was first recognized by startup MarkedUp, a company that helps third parties develop Windows 8 apps and than submit them to the Microsoft Windows marketplace.