Ryan Serhant On His Wedding Planning: ‘I’m Only Ever Doing This Once In My life’

Ryan Serhant was a hardcore real-estate agent when he joined Million Dollar Listing New York. He was single, living alone, and he was working crazy hours to fulfill his dream of being the best possible broker. But while filming the show, Serhant met Emilia Bechrakis, and he quickly fell in love with her. Serhant made headlines last year as he got down on one knee and he proposed to her in the middle of Times Square. He made headlines worldwide because he managed to shut down Times Square one early morning so he could make the proposal just perfect.

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant is now revealing that wedding planning has taken over, and he's excited to get married this summer. Ryan hasn't revealed whether the Million Dollar Listing cameras will be invited to the show, but it sounds like he wants to go all out on this wedding, as he's only planning on getting married once.

"[Emilia's] dad and his dad are named Leonidas, and he's from Sparta, which is a real thing. Her mom is Despina and her brother is Stratos. They're very, very Greek. It'll be this summer," Ryan told the Daily Dish about his wedding planning, adding, "We're planning it. It's a process."

While one can imagine that Ryan Serhant has plenty of contacts in New York, the two are actually getting married in Greece. Emilia is from Greece, and her family is there. Her Instagram followers will often see pictures from Greece, and she recently went home to visit her family members. And it sounds like Serhant is excited about an exotic -- and possibly a big, fat Greek wedding.

"We're doing it in Greece. We're doing it on an island, off an island, off an island. So we're not having a lot of people there — it's kind of a pain to get to. It's going to be very, very pretty, and elaborate," Ryan revealed about her family, adding, "It took us a year and a half to put it together. But like I told her after the proposal, 'Listen, I'm only ever doing this once in my life. So we're gonna do this once. It's going to be awesome and you're just gonna have to kill me 'cause I can't afford to do this ever again.' Same thing for the wedding. So it'll be cool, it'll be good."

Serhant likes the challenge of planning a wedding across the world, while he's working hard in New York. He is currently reliving the past six months on television, as he has wrapped another season of Million Dollar Listing New York. And he admits that planning a New York wedding would be easier than planning a destination wedding.

"[It's a] destination [wedding] to the third degree, for sure. We could have done it like across the street in Tribeca or something," Ryan Serhant said, sharing, "It would have been way easier."

Serhant didn't reveal whether his Million Dollar Listing New York co-stars will be at the wedding. One can imagine that he won't invite them just for the sake of inviting them because they work together. As Ryan pointed out, they are having a small wedding, and it is possible that Fredrik Eklund and Luis D. Ortiz won't be invited. But this wedding isn't about a television show. According to E! Online, Serhant recently planned a surprise for Emilia's bachelorette party, as her sister showed up and surprised her during dinner. This event is all about love and romance.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant planning his dream wedding? Are you surprised that he's so engaged in planning the dream wedding in Greece?

[Image via Instagram]