Nyle DiMarco Changes His Look For 'Dancing With The Stars,' Sharna Burgess Is Crushing On The Model

Nyle DiMarco will look different on tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars. The America's Next Top Model winner is going to channel a '90s movie character for Famous Dances night, and he recently revealed that his transformation required the loss of one of his beloved facial features. However, Sharna Burgess and all the other Nyle fans out there shouldn't start freaking out -- he still has his steely blue eyes and his chiseled jaw line, and he'll probably go back to looking like his old self in no time.

In fact, Dancing with the Stars viewers will actually get to see more of Nyle DiMarco's jaw during tonight's episode of the show. As the International Business Times reports, DiMarco decided to shave his dark stubble because he's going to be playing a character with a completely hairless face. He and partner Peta Murgatroyd will be performing a Quickstep to "Hey Pachuco" from the 1994 movie The Mask, and Nyle DiMarco had to lose his beard to look more like the comical character that Jim Carrey transforms into whenever he puts on the Mask of Loki.

At least the DWTS powers-that-be let Nyle DiMarco hold on to his chest hair -- most male celebrities who go shirtless on the show get coaxed into ripping theirs out the first time the costume department asks them to doff their tops. However, Nyle wasn't forced to evacuate his follicles when he played a topless Tarzan for Disney Night. Instead, he actually added more hair to his person by rocking a long, shaggy wig.

If the makeup department tries to make Nyle DiMarco look as much like the Mask as possible, he might appear completely bald tonight. Jim Carrey's cartoonish character had no hair at all, but he did get to keep his head covered with a stylish yellow fedora. DiMarco's decision to shave could be a sign that he's going to fully embrace the character by having his face painted green, and he should make an excellent Mask -- he definitely has the cheekbones for it.

Last week, Nyle DiMarco earned the first 10 of the season by performing an emotional Viennese Waltz that was aimed at making the DWTS audience cry. His Switch-Up Night partner, Sharna Burgess, was happy that their performance even made America's Top Model host Tyra Banks tear up, and Burgess told People that she was also a bit misty-eyed after she finished gliding around the DWTS ballroom with DiMarco.

Sharna Burgess had nothing but kind things to say about Nyle DiMarco after working with him for one week. The pro dancer praised the deaf model for having incredible internal timing, and she was also impressed with his ability to translate emotion into movement.

"He put the emotion into it because he would see the emotion I was putting into my face and body," Burgess said. "It was fascinating."

Sharna Burgess even confessed that she has a bit of a crush on Nyle DiMarco.

"I absolutely adore him," she said.

"I might be a little in love with him. He's the most incredible man."
Perhaps Sharna Burgess got a bit swept up in the beauty and romance of last week's dance, which is nothing like the Quickstep routine Nyle DiMarco will be performing tonight. He's totally switching gears by transforming himself into a spastic living cartoon character whose main purpose is to make viewers laugh. Luckily, DiMarco is probably up for the challenge -- he did do an amazing job portraying an energetic animated character during Disney Night, and being deaf might actually help DiMarco channel the rubber-faced character Jim Carrey plays in The Mask.

"American Sign Language requires a lot of facial and body expression," Nyle told the Washington Post. "The way [deaf people] communicate is naturally very expressive and shows a lot of emotion."

Tyra Banks likes to talk about "smizing" -- smiling with the eyes -- on America's Next Top Model, but Nyle DiMarco might have to do a little "fancing" -- dancing with his face -- to capture the crazy spirit of the Mask tonight on Dancing with the Stars.

You can see if Nyle DiMarco is "smokin!" enough to win another 10 when Dancing with the Stars airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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