Julie Montagu And Sophie Stanbury Photo Suggests 'Ladies Of London' Season 3 Filming Has Begun

Season 3 of Bravo's reality show Ladies of London seems to be underway. On Monday, one of the show's stars, Julie Montagu, posted a photo that suggests that the cast has just begun filming the third season. The photo shows Julie sitting with Sophie Stanbury, who was shown in Season 2 as a recurring cast member, near some TV cameras. For the photo's caption, Julie wrote that she and Sophie are "back at it" with "cameras all around." She included the show's hashtag in the photo's caption.

The Bravo show follows the lives of several women, both British and American, living exciting and glamorous lives in and around London. Besides Julie and Sophie, the Season 2 cast consisted of Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Fleming, Juliet Angus, Annabelle Neilson, and Marissa Hermer. Sophie and Caroline are sisters-in-laws.

After the show's finale aired in November 2015, the show's fans were left wondering whether there would be a third season since there was no reunion show. The fact that the cast did not film a reunion show, which has become something of a hallmark for reality shows that Bravo intends on renewing, had some fans leaving worried and disappointed comments on social media.

One of the show's stars addressed fans' questions over why there wasn't a reunion show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Caroline Stanbury explained during an interview that the cast didn't film a reunion show not because the show's ratings were poor but because it wasn't planned in advance enough. Caroline's explanation implied that the cast couldn't just film a reunion show in London but would have had to fly to somewhere in the United States to do it. Perhaps it was decided at the last minute to do a reunion show and Andy Cohen, who hosts all of the Bravo reality TV reunion shows, just couldn't fit a trip to London in his schedule?

Caroline added that she was "gutted" over not being able to do a Season 2 reunion show and will push for one if there is another season.

"I'm gutted! I'm gutted! I wanted a reunion and especially where we all are now, we probably would've killed each other, and in a very British way. I really, really wished we had it and sadly we can't. It has more to do with logistics than anything else. It's getting everyone there, with visas, it's just not possible. But you never know. If we can plan a bit better, series 3, if we get a series 3, I'm gonna push for one."

In the interview, Caroline also said that she and her sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, would sign up to film Season 3 if given the opportunity. Caroline said that both she and Sophie had a great time filming Season 2, even with the less fun and stressful moments.

Caroline and Sophie's co-stars Caroline Fleming, Juliet Angus, Julie Montagu, and Marissa Hermer also expressed optimism and interest in a third season. The one cast member who indicated that she would not return for a Season 3 was Annabelle Neilson. After the season finale episode aired, Annabelle wrote on Instagram that she was saying goodbye to the show. She called the experience "possibly a disappointment" and a "mistake." Annabelle also took a bit of a swipe at her co-stars by implying that they weren't her real friends.

Early this month, Annabelle confirmed that she won't be returning to Ladies of London.
As the Inquisitr reported, Annabelle Neilson's drama with Julie Montagu and Caroline Stanbury that occurred while filming the show last season got so bad that it extended to a Twitter feud as season aired.

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