Brandi Glanville Tweets LeAnn Rimes For Wedding Anniversary, Reality Star Calling Truce With 'Other Woman'

Brandi Glanville has spent much of the last several years being bitter about her broken marriage to Eddie Cibrian. She was cheated on and left for the other woman. While it was bad enough her husband moved on quickly, the fact that it was with LeAnn Rimes was just another low blow. Because they were both high-profile names, the tabloids ran with stories. Glanville has to deal with a lot of backlash and commentary along with watching her husband and boys bond with another woman. The bitterness has overtaken much of the last six years, and Brandi Glanville is finally ready to move on.

This past weekend, Brandi Glanville tweeted her good wishes for Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes as they celebrated five years of marriage. This stunned fans immediately. While rumors of a truce have been discussed, there didn't seem to be much truth to it. According to Wetpaint, Brandi Glanville has decided to make peace with the situation. While forgiveness may be a bigger word than she can swallow, working together for the benefit of her sons is something she is willing to do. In fact, after Glanville sent out the tweet, Rimes responded with friendly banter. Fans just watched wide-eyed as the two had a small back-and-forth conversation on social media.

The last year has been a lot different for Brandi Glanville, allowing her time to self-reflect. She did not return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 6, but there are rumors of a return for Season 7. The time spent away from the cameras has given Glanville a sense of peace. She had time to catch up on life that didn't revolve around reality television. There was also time to rebuild relationships and make her friendships more solid. Glanville spent a lot of time with Kim Richards while they were not filming, and she also spent time with Yolanda Foster during her difficult time. There has been a lot of improvement in Glanville's life, and fans are astonished at how far she has come.

Watching Brandi Glanville over the last several years told a story of heartbreak. She was incredibly in love with Eddie Cibrian, sharing two sons with him. Glanville had no idea that working on a film would lead to the demise of her marriage and send her entire life spiraling out of control. Her anger was often caught on camera, and the things that left her mouth were often less than pleasant. In fact, during one episode, Glanville even shocked her friends at the profanity she was throwing at the television. That was when Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes tried their hands at a reality show on VH1. It was a mess, and Glanville was in a very dark place after she learned about the affair and subsequent marriage that evolved from the dishonesty.

A truce is just what Brandi Glanville needed to heal herself. She has always tried to put her sons first, especially when it came to allowing them to be with their father and his wife. What Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes put Glanville through was nothing short of horrific, but at least now they can all act like adults for the sake of their sons. Nothing is perfect, but this is a step in the right direction. Glanville has been bitter for far too long, and now that she isn't holding up all that pent-up hate, things will get better. It appears that the relationship between Rimes and Glanville will be cordial, but they will never be best friends. Brandi Glanville is turning a new leaf, and fans are looking forward to what she will be up to in the future.

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