Dorinda Medley Says ‘RHONY’ Fight Has Affected Her Daughter, Parents, And Friends

Dorinda Medley had planned a bra party for her Real Housewives of New York co-stars in hopes of getting them all together, having fun and finding some fabulous bras. However, the party quickly turned into a dramatic mess, as Medley's co-stars decided to confront her about her boyfriend, John.

It's no secret that Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer have concerns about John, and they worry that Dorinda is caught in a relationship where she's not happy. Now, Dorinda is speaking out about how she feels.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now revealing that the bra party and the dramatic confrontation has had some severe consequences for herself, her family and her daughter. Apparently, Medley didn't want information about her sex life on national television and she has struggled to deal with her emotions after watching Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New York.

"I'm having a really hard time putting my feelings into words this week. I still can't really believe what happened and have had to watch it three times just to get my head around it. Just when I thought the whole thing was coming to an end, somehow John gets tipped off and shows up to pop off on Bethenny and reignite the nightmare I'd just managed to shake myself loose of. I still don't know who called him, or why, and I'm actually still really upset about it. Not. Happy. At. All," Dorinda Medley reveals in her blog about the ladies.

And it sounds like Dorinda Medley doesn't really believe the rumors about John saying that he pops Viagra and then has sex with her for hours. While they may do that on occasion, Dorinda doesn't feel that these rumors have any truth to them.

"Basically, everything he said was just unfounded hearsay and gossip -- that's unacceptable and just downright out of bounds — especially for him! I know why he was angry: Bethenny set out on a total character assassination that remains defamatory to this day. The fallout not only affected me and my relationship but has had a severely damaging effect on my daughter, my parents, our friends and acquaintances," Medley reveals.

And one can imagine that Dorinda Medley's daughter felt awkward about the whole episode. She's a very private person and she does seem very protective of her mother. One can imagine that Hannah didn't like hearing stories about her mother's sex life with John. Hannah and John don't really get along, and Medley's daughter may prefer her mother to be single.

Even though Dorinda Medley is very upset with her Real Housewives of New York co-stars, she does think that her boyfriend was wrong in attacking Frankel. It did seem like he had some feelings built up that he needed to express to Frankel. He accused her of stealing a business idea, a business name, and even criticizing him as a person. He then continued to slam her ability to be happy in a relationship. And while he may have meant every single thing he said, Dorinda Medley doesn't think it was right.

"For the record, John's comments were wrong, wrong, wrong. He has no right to comment or speculate or judge on her business, her love life, her life, period," Medley revealed.

John has been criticized for various things, including discrimination against his female employees, according to Radar Online. It's no secret that he may not be the perfect guy. While many of her co-stars don't think that John is the right guy for her, he keeps making the argument that they are perfect for one another.

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