WWE News: Latest Update On 'Lucha Underground' Star Prince Puma Coming To WWE, 'LU' Preparing To Up Offer

Lucha Underground has stood out above all other forms of wrestling due to its amazing cinematography. It's an actual television show, and it's not trying to lie to the people and make them think pro-wrestling is more than scripted entertainment with men and women risking their lives to give you reactions. It truly isn't, but it is that mystery that WWE, TNA, and every other company runs with.

Surely LU understands this, which is why they're trying to be different. They also stand out with more than just their direction for the show, but they are also the only show on national television that fully allows men to wrestle with women. They're not the first, obviously, but they are the only ones doing it currently on a national scene. We're not talking random bumps, but rather full-on matches.

They have a great direction with their wrestlers, which mixes in lucha libre with the American style of wrestling. It has been fun to watch with all of this combined, but Lucha Underground has not been a great financial success thus far. This led to Season 2 tapings taking forever to happen. Now they're doing both Season 2 and 3 at the same time while Season 4 will tape sometime next year. One of their biggest stars may not be back for that season, though, as WWE has come calling.

[Image via NJPW]Prince Puma, better known as Ricochet to others, has been the man in Lucha Underground since the doors opened. However, he may no longer be around once Season 3 completely wraps. It was expected that he would leave the company after tapings were done for him and eventually end up in WWE. The main problem for WWE was the intense no-compete clause that would last until Season 3 was done airing. That won't happen until around this time next year. This is, of course, preventing any weeks where there is a skip.

Prince Puma has already been written out of the series, and if he wants to come back for Season 4, he will be able to do so. There is a thought that regardless of Ricochet returning or not, the character of Prince Puma will make his return in Season 4. Naturally, Ricochet may not play the part, but since the character is masked, he can be replaced. Of course, this would be kind of a soap opera move, but it is not without possibility.

Lucha Underground does not want to see Ricochet leave and offered him a big deal, which is said to be more than what most anyone in WWE NXT is making. Some exceptions might be Finn Balor and Samoa Joe, however. This deal didn't seem to do enough for him, so he reportedly turned it down, and that resulted in the write-out. Now, according to the Wrestling Observer, it seems Lucha upped their offer to him, and that may have been enough for him to stick around.

Prince Puma back turn
[Image via 'Lucha Underground']It is expected that Ricochet wanted more money, of course. However, his original deal was set for quite a number of years. It locked him up for a while, but the out-clause was there to take after Season 3, which is why he ended up taking it. This is now allowing him the opportunity to restructure his deal and make more if he so chooses. If not, he cannot be seen on American television outside of LU for another year.

This made some assume he might sign a one-year deal with NJPW first, but others believed that WWE would sign him and simply not use him until they could do so. Either way, WWE does have an interest in Ricochet and would love to sign him. The only problem is the no-compete clause. If this was not in play, some assume he would be with WWE by the end of the summer at the latest. Sadly, it is still there. We'll have to see what he decided, but regardless, he either gets a big payday or he gets to work for the top promotion in the world.

[Image via Lucha Underground]