Harry Styles' VIP Friends And Fans Extol His Talent And Offer Advice: Everybody Loves Harry

Harry Styles has friends and fans in high places. A lot of very famous and important people wish him well and try to advance his career when they can. Usually, that help comes in the form of advice or tutoring. Sometimes, just mentioning him in their interviews with the press can be helpful. Being associated with old Hollywood icons helps Harry a lot, but it also helps older stars stay current.

Harry Styles is very talented, very successful, and likely to remain successful. He is also incredibly charming and charismatic. Many boy bands have suffered a certain shelf life. They age, their music goes out of fashion, or they simply cannot handle fame. This One Direction Crooner seems to be different. He wants to grow as a musician, not just being able to keep up with the latest sounds but becoming the one setting future trends.

 Joe Walsh, Harry Styles, Ringo Starr
Joe Walsh, Harry Styles, Marjorie Bach, Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]Older Musicians like Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, and Elton John have a real concern for not only the history of music, but the future of music. Could it be that these music icons feel Styles will have a huge role in shaping the future of music? Do they wish to help him improve music in the twenty-first century?

Who Is Bernie Sanders' Favorite Member of One Direction?

Bernie Sanders revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that Harry is his favorite of the One Direction crew. Not only is it impressive that Bernie takes the time to listen to One Direction, and know the names of its members, but Sanders' choice is equally interesting.

Harry Styles is often considered the cutest, but it does seem doubtful Bernie Sanders thinks the long-haired crooner is just dreamy. Sadly, Bernie did not reveal the reasoning behind his choice. It could be because Styles takes an interest in political and charitable causes. It could be because Harry and Bernie Sanders share a lot of the same political views. One Direction is known to be popular with the younger set, and most of their fans are under 30. That is something One Direction shares in common with Bernie Sanders. Some say that since Bernie has such a young following, he represents the politics of the future. Could Styles go into politics one day?

Danny DeVito Believes Styles Is A Natural Actor

Harry Styles is currently slated to star in his first movie, Dunkirk. Danny DeVito is excited about that and wants to help him be great in the part. DeVito had a lot to say to the New York Daily News about Styles and his potential as an actor. Devito worked with One Direction on the music video "steal my girl."
"He is like a natural, a handsome guy and is good. And he needs to work on his skills a little. Harry is going to do a good movie with Christopher Nolan."
Danny DeVito sees raw acting talent in Harry and thinks that, with some acting lessons, he could hone his skill into really huge stardom in films.

Harry Styles could have a big future in the movies and still be a great musician. It is not an either-or proposition. Elvis made a lot of movies, but also had an amazingly prolific music career. Will this One Direction star become a great actor as well as a talented musician?

Ariana Grande And Meghan Trainor Hires Styles To Write Songs For Them

 Ariana Grande by Jason Merritt
Singer Ariana Grande attends [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]Harry Styles is also sought after as songwriter. He not only writes or assists in writing One Direction Songs, he also writes for a lot of musical stars. In addition to the songs he is commonly credited with, Styles allegedly writes songs under the pen name Mick Greenberg, as explained in the last video below.

Ariana Grande loved "A Little Bit Of Your Heart" so much she cried when singing it the first time. Harry has a great way of penning a song. He tailors each one to fit the singer requesting it. In that way, he is very versatile. Ariana was very pleased because that song was a perfect fit for her.

"I Remember when I heard it I was like wow, That's really a strong verse. That's really beautiful. And then the chorus... I was like crying! So it's great. I'm so excited."
Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles wrote a duet together called "Someday Maybe." Unfortunately, she has not released that song yet. You can hear it though in the video below. He also wrote or assisted in writing "Not Our Fault" for Gavin DeGraw.
Harry Styles is a brilliant songwriter. He can either write or co-write with artists who know what they want to say in a song, but don't know how to make that statement a hit. That ability will always be profitable. It is a much-needed profession since many stars lack the skills to create a great song. As a songwriter, he has the opportunity to shape new musical styles. How many songs could he write over the course of his lifetime, and in what sort of direction will he take tomorrow's music?

Harry Styles is a wellspring of potential. So many famous people see that potential. The former Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, have commented on Styles' talent, potential, and bright future many times, and offer to assist him in his career. Elton John also praised his skills and offered to mentor him. It is likely anyone in Hollywood would jump at the chance to assist him. It seems nearly everyone loves Harry.

Harry Styles has a lot of potential for a great future in any number of fields, but he plans to devote his life to creating great music.

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