Ramona Singer Says Dorinda Medley Tried To Deflect During ‘RHONY’ Fight

Ramona Singer is known for speaking her mind and not taking people's thoughts and feelings into consideration. Ramona's opinions have gotten her into some trouble with her Real Housewives of New York co-stars, so it didn't surprise many of her friends when she decided to bring up what she had heard about John, Dorinda Medley's boyfriend. Singer's friend had heard John talking about getting buzzed, taking Viagra, and having sex with Dorinda for hours. She was shocked when Ramona told her, but she was disappointed with her friend.

According to a new Bravo report, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she feels horrible about the way she handled the entire confrontation. Singer didn't mean to hurt her friend's feelings, but Dorinda was shocked and hurt. The Daily Mail explains Medley's perception as Ramona doing a drive-by shooting, leaving her bleeding, and then handing her a Band-Aid.

"It was very difficult for me to relive and watch this past episode. I truly wish I never said anything in front of Bethenny, Jules and Carole about what I heard John was saying behind Dorinda's back. I should of spoken to Dorinda in private, one on one. I have known her for 20 years and was pained by how hurt she was," Ramona Singer explains in her blog, sharing that she regrets bringing up the rumors in front of everyone.

Bethenny had encouraged Ramona to say something at the bra party, but Frankel may have done it differently. Rather than tell her friend what had happened in front of everyone, Frankel may have taken Dorinda aside and told her in private. Singer didn't ambush her friend, as Dorinda tried to explain. Instead, Medley may just have felt uncomfortable about the whole situation and started talking about an ambush to make herself out to be the victim.

"That being said, there was no ambush. Perhaps this is Dorinda's way to deflect what really happened, the horrific way John acted toward everyone," Ramona Singer points out, even though she wasn't there when John showed up to confront Bethenny Frankel.

Of course, Singer understands what Frankel was talking about. For a long time, John was always talking about his dry-cleaning business as a way of marketing himself. Maybe he felt that he had to sell himself to fit in. Bethenny had explained that she felt that he was always talking business with her as if he was trying to start a new idea with her. Ramona Singer admits that she also had a concern about John but more about how happy he made her.

"Bethenny had a genuine concern about Dorinda "selling us" on John, and I had a genuine concern about what John was saying about Dorinda," Ramona Singer reveals about her friend's boyfriend, adding, "Bethenny and I were not coming from a bad place. We both just wanted to 'discuss' what we 'thought' we were noticing. Dorinda got way too defensive and didn't want to have any type of exchange. I was beyond shocked at her reaction, so much so I was nervous to say I was wrong and should have told her alone. I was nervous she would overreact again to what I would say."

Of course, Singer did get some harsh text messages from Medley the day after the confrontation happened. In those text messages, she expressed a big disappointment, as she had hoped Singer would have taken her aside and told her about these rumors in private. It makes sense why she was hurt, but it wouldn't be something to ruin a friendship over.

What do you think about Ramona Singer's comments regarding last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York?

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