‘Paul Ryan Shirtless’ Is Trending On Google

Move over Tim Tebow: As creepy as it may seem, “Paul Ryan shirtless” of late seems to be one of the top Google searches for Mitt Romney’s running mate on the Republican ticket, second only to “Paul Ryan vice president,” according to Politico.

So far, no web surfer has found any pictures, incriminating or otherwise. Evidently the hunt is on because Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, 42, is a well-known physical fitness freak, and some people are, well, apparently curious. For what it’s worth, sources have told TMZ that Paul Ryan is “totally ripped and has a six pack.”

The Inquisitr has previously reported on Paul Ryan’s insane workout routine:

Paul Ryan’s crazy workout of choice now is Tony Horton’s P90X, which he describes as a blend of cross-training and muscle confusion. The workout routine includes cardio, pull-ups, push-ups, karate, and yoga.

Paul Ryan’s workout regimen has in fact helped him make friends across the ideological aisle as a Member of Congress, Buzzfeed reports:

Democrats and Republicans alike said one of the key factors in Ryan’s ability to avoid being cast as an unreasonable conservative is his genuine, congenial nature. Ryan led a bipartisan group of lawmakers in a daily P90x workout routine and he could regularly be seen on the chamber floor discussing workout tips with the likes of Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Majority Leader Eric Cantor on the Republican side and Rep. Heath Shuler and former Reps. Anthony Weiner and Bart Stupak within the Democratic ranks.

With the way the Democrats (and the mainstream media) have been unfairly characterizing Ryan’s Medicare proposal, you’d think that “Paul Ryan Medicare” would be a more popular keyword search. But you’d be wrong, although “Paul Ryan budget” is showing up in a lot of Internet searches.

CNN recently aired this humorous report about the “search for a shirtless Paul Ryan”:

Do you think Paul Ryan will be able to continue his fitness regimen on the campaign trail? If elected as vice president, do you think Paul Ryan can be an effective role model in overcoming America’s obesity epidemic?