'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Victor's Death Coming? Deimos Plans Murder

Days of Our Lives is heating up with the Kiriakis family feud. The NBC soap has been intently focusing much of its time on Victor and his family over the past few weeks, and things could be coming to end to for Vic if his brother, Deimos, has his way.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, although Victor has seemingly lost everything to his younger brother, Deimos, there is one thing he still has left to lose, and that's his life. Victor, who is currently in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, had his business and home taken, and his wife, Maggie, was poisoned by his brother. Poor Maggie's poisoning even lead to a terrible accident that has left her paralyzed.

Days of Our Lives viewers have watched as Victor Kiriakis has fallen hard and fast. What will he and Maggie do next? While Victor has planned to use Nicole to get back at his baby brother for all the pain he's caused his family, the tables may be turning on Vic. Nicole seems to share a bond with Deimos, who is planning to get rid of his older brother once and for all by murdering him.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Deimos plans to murder Victor.
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"Deimos tried the methodical approach to vengeance, but Victor apparently didn't learn his lesson. He still has the gall to insult his evil brother from a hospital bed. Deimos will decide he's had enough of Victor's blatant disrespect."

Days of Our Lives fans will then see Deimos tell Victor that it's "time to die" and then yank his oxygen out and attempt to smother his brother.

However, Days of Our Lives viewers shouldn't be too worried about Victor. It is more than likely that he'll come out of this situation alive. Perhaps someone will come in and stop Deimos' evil plan. It seems that anyone, including Maggie, Nicole, Brady, a doctor, or even Theresa, could walk in to see that Deimos is trying to hurt his older brother. Perhaps Deimos won't be able to end his brother's life, as Victor is his only remaining family member. Either way, the drama should be heightened in the Kiriakis family this week.

Meanwhile, the teenagers will head to prom and are likely to find themselves in some sort of trouble because of it. Hope and Rafe will have a romantic night, and viewers will possibly see them discuss the future of their relationship and get in some more steamy lip-locks.

Days of Our Lives fans will also see Kayla struggle with her health crisis, and most likely keep it a secret from her son, Joey, and estranged husband, Steve. Soon, Steve will see Kayla and Dr. Fynn spending more and more time together and will get jealous not knowing that Kayla is actually suffering from health issues.

Chad and Abigail are also likely to be featured this week, as Abby's mental health continues to decline. Chad will become increasingly worried about his wife and the safety of his baby son, Thomas. Unfortunately, Abigail's mother, Jennifer, will interject in the situation, which will leave her own issues of drug and alcohol abuse to be thrown around for all to see and discuss. It looks like Abby really could be headed to the mental institution, and Jennifer will fight to take care of baby Thomas while his mother is off seeking treatment.

Days of Our Lives viewers can expect to see all of this drama and so much more in Salem in the coming weeks, especially since May sweeps is rapidly approaching. Some big storylines usually happen during this time, and fans could be seeing the return of Aiden Jennings very soon.

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