Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, & Jordan Clarkson In Love Triangle: Challenges Kourtney Kardashian For Justin Bieber?

Kendall Jenner has enjoyed a long history of rebound romances. From Justin Bieber to Nick Jonas, the supermodel has become known as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star who attempts to keep her romances under the radar despite choosing famous guys. And now Kendall is baffling followers of her boyfriend drama with rumors that she's dating both Jordan Clarkson and Harry Styles.

When it comes to Jordan, Jenner is heating up her hookup, a source told People.

Clarkson, a Lakers player, joined Kendall on Snapchat and their silly fun hid some serious romance.

"They keep things low-key when they're in public, but in private they're very much together and affectionate," revealed the source. "He's really into her."

Although Jenner stayed with friends during her first evening in Coachella, it was Jordan 24/7 for the remainder of the weekend, claims the insider. This in-the-know individual also revealed that the rumors Kendall was dating Styles are contradicting by her actions in Palm Spring.

"If she was talking to Harry, she would not have been in Palm Springs with Jordan," pointed out one source, while another confirmed that Clarkson and Jenner "have been secretly dating for months. He is super sweet and a total gentleman and Kendall loves that."

However, Jenner also recently was seen on a date with Styles, noted the Daily Mail.

Kendall and Harry have been dating off and on since 2013, and they celebrated the New Year in the Caribbean on a luxury yacht. After that romantic celebration, the two were spotted again by a keen-eyed Kendall fan.

However, despite that sighting, Styles himself wants to take his romance with Jenner to the next level, according to a source cited by Music News.

Harry Styles reportedly wants to take his relationship with Kendall Jenner to the next level.
Harry Styles reportedly wants to take his relationship with Kendall Jenner to the next level. [Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]

Even though Kendall is enjoying heating up with her hookup with Jordan, the source revealed that Harry and Jenner are still close. The problem is that Kendall is concerned about making a commitment to be exclusive, particularly with so much media scrutiny on the couple.

"Kendall's holding back because she doesn't trust Harry enough to commit to him, especially with the whole world watching. Keeping people guessing takes the pressure off - going public would create (a) frenzy," pointed out the insider.

But although Jenner is unsure, Styles wants more.

"He's started to complain about all the sneaking around they've been doing. He wants them to come out as a couple because he really likes her," added the insider.

When it comes to the fame game, Kendall could provide Harry with a boost in his profile, claims the source.

"[A relationship with Jenner] would also be undeniably good for Harry's profile – Kendall's top of her game and, in a lot of ways, is more famous than he is. The relationship would help his visibility in America, especially because he's got his heart set on doing movies. But the ball is definitely in Kendall's court – he can't rush her."

As for Jenner's past relationship history? Kendall has dated everyone from Nick Jonas to Justin Bieber, according to Bustle.

But although her relationship with Bieber was thought to be over, Jenner and Justin dated again late last year, according to TMZ.

And just to make it even more confusing, Kendall hooked up with the pop star at the same nightclub where he partied with her sister Kourtney Kardashian (fortunately for sisterly love, Bieber chose different date nights for each sister).

Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian attended the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.
Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian attended the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

As for what Kourtney has to say about it? When Kardashian appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, she claimed she didn't know anything about Kendall's relationship with Styles but then gave away her feelings about Bieber, according to Us Weekly.

"I saw [Kendall] and Harry, and they are a cute couple, right?" Ellen questioned.

"I don't know. You know more than I do," responded Kourtney.

The conversation then turned to Bieber.

"Does Justin Bieber help with the kids at all?" pondered the talk show host.

Kardashian couldn't stop grinning.

[Photo by Xaume Olleros/Getty Images for Calvin Klein]