August 24, 2017
'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Norman Reedus Demanding More Screen Time For Daryl?

The Walking Dead's on-screen drama might not have anything on what's allegedly happening behind the scenes. According to new reports, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the show, is causing some drama off-screen with his cast members.

Rumors are flying that the Walking Dead cast members may be at odds after actor Norman Reedus not only pressured execs to hire his friend, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as Negan, but is also allegedly pushing for more screen time for the character as well as his own character, Daryl Dixon.

"Norman is the fan favorite, and he's using that to his advantage with the writers. He was instrumental in getting Jeffrey added to the show, and he wants next season to center around their characters — and if that means zombies kill off Rick [Andrew Lincoln] or Glenn [Stephen Yeun], so be it."

The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus angering friends Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun?
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While it's true that Norman Reedus' character, Daryl, is an extremely popular character on The Walking Dead, fans have to admit that the rumored diva-like behavior from Reedus seems very out of character.

Yes, Daryl wasn't seen as much during Season 6 as many viewers would have liked, but it doesn't seem likely that Norman is pressuring anyone to give him more screen time, especially since he just landed his own motorcycle show on the network.

The Walking Dead star's rep recently spoke out about the rumors, telling Gossip Cop that the report is completely untrue.

"As usual with Star [Magazine], this story is complete nonsense. Norman has absolutely nothing to do with the casting or storylines on the show. He has strong friendships with Andrew, Steven and Jeffrey, and is thrilled to work with them all as much as humanly possible."

So it appears that everything may be just fine on set after all. Unfortunately for Norman Reedus, it looks like he won't be working with at least one of his close friends anymore. After the Walking Dead Season 6 finale, viewers know that one member of the group was tragically killed at the hands of Negan. While Daryl has been rumored to be the possible victim, many fans believe it was Glenn, played by Steven Yeun, who got Negan's brutal bat.

Walking Dead stars Steven Yeun, Andrew Lincoln, and Norman Reedus.
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Either way, The Walking Dead will be saying a very heartbreaking goodbye to one member of their family very soon. Although fans still have no idea who that person is, it seems that everyone is speculating about whose death will be seen when Season 7 airs in October.

As many fans believe either Daryl or Glenn will be killed off the show, there are multiple possibilities. Another popular theory is that the character of Abraham may have been killed. Abraham had a very emotional episode during the Walking Dead Season 6 finale. Not only did he make peace with his best friend, Eugene, and finally give him the respect he's earned, but he also had some sweet moments with his girlfriend, Sasha. Abe and Sasha may be a new couple that fans are still getting used to, but they're moving very quickly in their relationship and already talking about having what Glenn and Maggie have together.

Sadly, for fans, they'll have to wait six long months before any confirmation is given about who Negan's victim really is. While everyone seems to have a theory, no one has a concrete answer, and no matter which character is the one to die, Walking Dead fans will spend the season mourning the heartbreaking death as they move on with the other characters.

What are your thoughts on the Walking Dead rumors about Norman Reedus?

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