'Fear The Walking Dead' Spoilers Season 2 Episode 4: Blood In The Streets [Video]

Fear the Walking Dead has clearly shown that it can keep up with its parent show. The story has now taken the characters to new depths, and they are proving to be the kind of people who can survive a zombie apocalypse.

In Episode 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, titled "Blood in the Streets," the crew will have to find some way to band together and maintain a specific level of trust for Strand, whose mysterious background and alternate agenda has become clearer at this point in the show.

Fans of The Walking Dead know all to well that in the beginning, not everyone who looks untrustworthy actually is a bad person. Just consider how Daryl Dixon progressed with the core group in TWD.

In the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead, their own morals will be on the line when the group encounters yet another tough decision about how to help people who are stranded. It has become quite clear at this point that Strand is not willing to take on any new passengers to find their own paradise and safety, according to TV Guide.

Before we move too deeply into the next episode, let's just take a quick look at where we are right now on Fear the Walking Dead. For those who have not seen Episode 3 yet, consider this a warning that spoilers lie ahead.
As outlined by Entertainment Weekly, the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead gave fans a new look at what life is like on land when they spot the wreckage of a plane crash.

When Alicia, Nick, and Chris want to explore the land and see what they can get in terms of supplies, Strand is not to hip to the idea. But they get stranded in the ocean when they find out something has gotten into their propulsion system down below. Leave it to Travis to find out what it is and save the day, or at least get them moving again.

Travis puts on his scuba gear and takes a dive, only to find out that they have a body caught up in the propeller, and there is only one way to get it out – by hand. As it turns out, this could be an all-day affair, so that is when the younger kids and Salazar take a boat ride over to the surface to search for supplies. Salazar is also looking for supplies for Ofelia, who is still in a lot of pain.

So what are they looking for to survive on Fear the Walking Dead? Since this is the beginning, they are looking for all of the basics to get by. That could be food or clothing. Salazar is obviously looking for medicine for his daughter, but he needs Nick's help to identify what he needs to help her. It also seems very fortunate for them to find what they need in the wreckage of an airplane.

Speaking of an airplane, this is the part where the survivors, and non-survivors, of Flight 462 find their way into the show. When Chris comes across a man who is still alive but needs help getting out of his seat, he is all to eager to help. But the man ends up asking for more, which was for Chris to kill him. The man does not want to end up like the rest, so he needs a way out. Chris obliges.

Nick runs into trouble on land as well. When he gets zombie guts all over him, they all learn the main trick from The Walking Dead: using blood and gore to disguise themselves from the zombies.

In the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Strand's past is about to get more details, and they make their way into the group little by little. But it is Nick who goes into further detail with the search for one of Strand's previous associates.

Fear the Walking Dead returns this Sunday on AMC.

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