'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Confronts Franco, Michael's Search For Sabrina Continues, And Carlos' Trial Brings Shockers

There are big twists and turns on the way with Monday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that many in Port Charles will be scrambling as a result of Carlos' return to town, and viewers are anxious to see who will end up with long stints behind bars. There is also drama related to Jason and Franco on the way, and things are going to be quite dramatic throughout this April 25 show.

As viewers saw on Friday's episode, Franco got Nina a puppy, but she went ballistic over it in a way he did not anticipate. He was trying to smooth things over for her after another big fight, but his gesture backfired on him. General Hospital spoiler previews indicate that Franco will give the puppy to Jake, but it sounds as if Jason ends up quite upset by the move. Viewers will see a new actor in the role of Jake beginning with Monday's show. James Nigbor has been let go from the role that he played off-and-on since the character was created, and a young actor named Hudson West is now taking over.

According to the General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Jason and Franco will end up in a heated confrontation over the puppy situation, and surely Jason's frustration about Franco's involvement in Jake and Elizabeth's life is woven into the argument. In addition, it seems that Jason will be having a flashback soon that sparks some concern on his part. As the week plays out, Sam will be filling him in on the adversarial relationship he has had in the past with Franco, and Jason will be struggling to come to grips with how violent he used to be.

Monday's episode also brings more with the cases against Carlos and Anna. General Hospital spoilers tease that a surprise witness is about to emerge and previews indicate that Ric will be in the mix of this chaos, as well. Ric and Sonny will butt heads over Carlos, and Alexis will be hearing from her client that he wants a big payoff from Julian in order to stay silent. SheKnows Soaps details that Sonny will be furious over a move that Alexis makes, and there's a shocker ahead as the case against Carlos comes together.

Michael and Felix are in Puerto Rico trying to find Sabrina and the baby, and it seems they make some progress during Monday's episode. Viewers saw that they were questioning someone close to Sabrina, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that they gain enough information about Sabrina and the baby during Monday's episode that they are able to let go of some of their worry over her situation.

Nina and Julian will be making some progress in building a more positive relationship, and there is plenty more on the way for both of these characters as the week continues. Carlos' trial is about to begin, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that things will take a turn that leaves everybody stunned and upset. As for Anna's situation, there is more on her case later on in the week and she definitely is scrambling to try to find a way out of this mess.

Will Sabrina and the baby return to Port Charles and shake up the cases for both Carlos and Anna? Can Jason and Sam forge ahead in a renewed relationship or will the troubles from his past bubble up and cause problems? There is plenty of chaos on the way this week and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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