Tom Cruise's Absence From Suri's Tenth Birthday Celebration Possibly Explained

Tom Cruise was absent from his daughter's birthday celebration on April 18. Suri Cruise turned 10 and her mother, Katie Holmes, enjoyed indulging her daughter in fun activities in New York City.

Where was Suri's father? He's reportedly not seen his daughter in almost three years.

Hollywood Life connected with Scientology expert and author Tony Ortega to get his views on this. Ortega has written extensively about the religion since 1995.

Scientology is the sole reason for Cruise's absence in his daughter's life, the author reveals.

"If Tom was not famous, he would NOT be allowed to have any contact with Katie and Suri who would be considered a Potential Trouble Source, meaning that as long as she's connected to her mom, she could present a problem," Ortega said. "She could hinder Tom's spiritual growth in Scientology, which is by far the most important thing for a Scientologist."

This account is nothing new to observers. Rumors abound suggest Tom is evading his daughter since she's not being raised the Scientology way.

Suri is close with her mother, Katie Holmes. As Vanity Fair reports, Katie gave her parties and they participated in other activities for her tenth birthday.

According to the magazine, the mother-daughter duo spent time at Tavern on the Green, a historic restaurant nestled in Manhattan's Central Park. Suri's party was attended by a small group that included Suri's mother, Katie Holmes; her maternal grandparents; and two friends.

"Suri and her crew sat in the courtyard and ordered hamburgers, where an apparently famished Holmes impressed onlookers by cleaning her plate," said a source. "Rather than cake and a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday,' Suri and her pals quietly opted for freshly-baked cookies from Tavern on the Go before heading off into sunny Central Park."

Tony Ortega explains that Holmes and their daughter are deemed a threat to his Scientology practices. Interestingly, the author said celebrities are given certain freedoms and are allowed to break the rules if they so desire.

"The Number one rule of Scientology: celebrities get to break all the rules," Ortega explained. "For that reason, it's very hard to say whether David Miscavige (the leader of the Church of Scientology) and Tom Cruise consider Katie officially an SP (Suppressive Person) and Suri, by extension, PTS (Potential Trouble Source)."

Ortega doesn't know Tom Cruise personally, so he said that's it hard to know if the movie star is distancing himself from his daughter because it's his own decision or if he's not willing to break any rules within the institution.

The Scientology expert theorizes that another factor influencing him might be the Scientology leader. Cruise and Miscavige are very tight. It's possible Cruise doesn't want to jeopardize his position with the church by taking a chance to get close with Suri.

"He is a die-hard Scientologist and part of the reason he is rarely seen with his daughter Suri may be because of his close relationship with David Miscavige," Ortega said. "Tom may be influenced by David who would most likely frown upon his relationship with Suri. All Tom has to do is take Suri for ice cream and work the media. But for some reason we never see him with her."

Just Jared reports that Cruise stepped out in London on Suri's birthday last Monday. It's there that he's filming The Mummy.

If Tom Cruise does spend time with Suri, it's done privately. If that's the case, it'd be just as controversial for him to keep it a secret, since no child wants to feel as though he or she is something a parent is ashamed of.

[Photo by AP Photo/Isaac Brekken]