Iggy Azalea 'Demands Nick Young Take Lie Detector Test' Amid Cheating Scandal: Wedding Plans In Turmoil

Iggy Azalea is sick and tired of hearing about Nick Young's cheating scandals, so much that the rapper is reportedly forcing the NBA star to take a lie detector test in the hopes of settling their differences once and for all.

According to several reports, Iggy was stunned to learn of Young's alleged affairs after his Lakers teammate, D'Angelo Russell, confessed to having leaked video footage of Nick admitting to having recently slept with a 19-year-old woman.

And if that wasn't enough, after the video had surfaced, multiple women came forward and claimed that they also had an ongoing affair with Young, stressing that they'd be able to provide evidence if anyone was to question their stories.

The duo has been planning their wedding for months, so for Azalea to learn that her fiancé was secretly hooking up with other women certainly hasn't sat well with her. Last week, the "Fancy" hitmaker was spotted running errands in Los Angeles, yet her engagement ring was nowhere in sight.

Radar Online alleges that Iggy Azalea seems to have already forgiven Nick for his cheating ways. While she's completely devastated by the supposed fact that her fiancé had been sleeping with multiple women for the last couple of months, Iggy is giving the basketball player one last chance.

But before she can move forward in her relationship with Nick Young, Iggy wants the truth, not just half of it. An insider adds that the rapper wants everything out on the table because only that way can the Australian-born musician find it in herself to overlook the scandal and start a new beginning.

"Iggy's asked him to do this before but he's always slid out of it and she's let it go," the source revealed. "But now she's saying there's no sense in them sticking around until the truth comes out, so they can wipe the slate clean and give things one last shot in an honest manner."

The couple has been together for almost three years, and Iggy Azalea has often made it known that Nick is the only man she can see herself settling down with.

Sources say Iggy is puzzled as to why Young would have proposed to Iggy if he wasn't serious about the relationship to begin with. He clearly sees a future with Azalea, but cheating on multiple occasions questions the idea of how the rapper is supposed to trust someone when Young has shown himself to be anything but loyal.

As previously reported, Iggy Azalea is reportedly dreading her forthcoming promotional tour in support of her Digital Distortion album release in June.

She is livid over the fact that her relationship drama has completely overshadowed her music career, particularly since her fans are now focusing their attention more on the cheating scandal as opposed her newly-released song, "Team," which is struggling to make an impact on the Billboard charts.

A lie detector test will give Iggy Azalea all the information she so desperately wants to know. One insider continued by adding that if the 25-year-old was to find out that Nick Young has a secret love child that was conceived during their three-year romance, the engagement would be off in a heartbeat.

Is Iggy Azalea making the right choice by forgiving her soon-to-be husband?

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