Rachael Ray Accused Of Jay Z Affair As Beyoncé Fans Confuse Her For Rachel Roy

Rachael Ray was feeling the heat from outside the kitchen after unsuspectingly finding herself in the middle of Beyoncé and Jay Z's alleged cheating scandal.

Ray, who's most famous for her daytime talk show Rachael Ray and her Food Network cooking shows 30 Minute Meals and Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels, found her social media pages swarmed by angry Beyoncé fans who accused her of having an affair with Jay Z after they mistakenly believed her to be fashion designer Rachel Roy.

According to Us Weekly, Beyoncé fans posted a number of scathing comments on the cook's various social media sites over the weekend after lyrics in Beyoncé's track "Sorry," taken from her surprise album Lemonade that dropped on April 23, alluded to the possibility that Jay Z may have cheated with Rachel Roy.

Rachael Ray Accused Of Affair With Jay Z As Beyonce Fans Confuse Her For Rachel Roy
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Although Beyoncé has yet to confirm the speculation, Roy faced a whole lot of backlash on her own online sites while a number of confused Beyoncé fans also posted scathing remarks on Rachael's pages accusing the cook and daytime talk show host of having an affair with Beyoncé's husband.

In one photo of a steak sandwich Ray posted on her official Instagram page on April 20, Beyoncé fan @maryshane_mcqueen blasted Rachael for serving her food on a red plate rather than a blue plate, which the Instagram user pointed out was Jay's favorite color.

"Jay-Z favorite color is Blue and you're serving him this 30 Minute quick meal on a Red plate? If you're going to cheat with Jay-Z, do it right!" the Instagram user scathingly told Rachael. "Poor Beyonce, she doesn't deserve this! #JusticeForBeyonce"

Beyoncé fan @jeansebroy also slammed Rachael on the photo sharing site, writing in the photo's comments, "what blows my mind is this homewrecker chef, i mean good recipes and all but b***."

In another snap posted by Ray on Instagram, @ty_dreadheaded commented, "B**** you guilty by association and the fact yo show boring and f*** them weak az crock pot, pour and stir az meals."

Other fans simply opted to post the bee emoji on Rachael's pages, which Beyoncé's fans, who call themselves the Beyhive, use as their official emoji symbol alongside the lemon emoji to represent Lemonade.

But while a number of confused Beyoncé fans slammed Rachael Ray across her various social media pages, other users attempted to stop their fellow fans from confusing the innocent Ray with fashion designer Rachel Roy.

"If you're going to come for the homewrecker come for the right one, you're on the wrong page!" @legoddess___ wrote on Ray's Instagram. "[shaking my head] Beyoncé fans are so slow!"

Twitter user @myfeetonfleek blasted Beyoncé fans confusing Rachel and Racheal on the 140-character site, tweeting out, "If you don't know the difference [between] Rachael RAY & Rachel ROY please delete your twitter ASAP. Middle Fingers UP."

Rachael Ray Accused Of Affair With Jay Z As Beyonce Fans Confuse Her For Rachel Roy
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Instagram user @alextrevon also defended Rachael Ray on social media, noting on the smartphone app, "This isn't the one. It's Rachel ROY who went private on Instagram [because] the beyhive, Rachel Ray hasn't done anything."

As reported by Us Weekly, the Beyonce/Rachael/Rachael drama first began after Beyoncé alluded to Jay Z having an affair with someone named "Becky" with "the good hair" in her new track "Sorry."

Roy then hinted on her Instagram, which she has since made private, that she may be the "Becky" in question, which caused a slew of Beyoncé fans to take to social media to slam the fashion designer.

Rachel then took to Twitter to address the controversy on April 24, tweeting out "I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind."

Rachael Ray is yet to speak out regarding the drama.

What do you think of Beyoncé's fans confusing Rachael Ray for Rachel Roy?

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