WWE News: Update On The Return Of Randy Orton And He Sets His Sights On Two Big Targets When He Comes Back

Injuries have decimated the WWE roster over the course of the last year, and one of the biggest pieces missing is that of Randy Orton. It was in September that Orton went out with a shoulder injury, and in October, he had surgery on it. Now, there's been an update on when "The Viper" could return to the ring and WWE television, and he already has two really big names that he is targeting upon his comeback.

When Orton had his shoulder surgery in October, there had been many reports going around that he also had some serious neck problems. It was reported that those issues were so severe that it could cause him to have to retire from wrestling completely.

That ended up not being the case, and "The Viper" squashed those rumors by saying he would be back. At the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony three weeks ago, Orton let the world know that he was a good "two to three months" away from returning to in-ring action.

It's been almost a month since he revealed that information on the red carpet for the ceremony, and it doesn't seem as if much has changed. Cageside Seats is reporting that Orton is apparently still two or three months away from coming back.

If that's the situation, the worst case scenario is that he will be back near the middle or the end of July.

wwe news rumors randy orton return injury targets aj styles sami zayn
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When Randy Orton was written out of storylines, it was done by having The Wyatt Family attack him even though it was already known that he was injured. It's quite possible that he could seek revenge upon his return, but he may have other targets in mind.

Sports World News recently reported that Orton revealed a few of the superstars he has in mind for future feuds, and it seems as if he wanted to attack the next generation of stars. When he comes back, Randy Orton is looking to have programs with Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, and AJ Styles.

Zayn and Balor are among the very top choices on Orton's list, though, and these are match-ups that the fans would love to see. He knows, as well as they do, that the fans are kind of tired of seeing some of the same old programs over and over again.

wwe news rumors randy orton return injury targets aj styles sami zayn
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Zayn has only been on the WWE main roster a few weeks now, but he can hold his own with anyone, and a program with Randy Orton would be pretty awesome. Not only do the two match up well, but it's also something fresh and new for the fans too.

Finn Balor hasn't made his main roster debut yet and he's still in NXT, but that could happen at any time. Rumors are swirling that he will be called up for Payback on Sunday or maybe even Monday Night Raw this evening.

The anticipation of Balor being called up from NXT is something that a lot of people are waiting for. By the time Orton does return to WWE from his injury, he could very well be on the main roster and that feud could be put together.

Then again, there is also AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and a number of other names that could want their turn at "The Viper."

The return of Randy Orton from his injury is something that WWE desperately needs with so many stars still out. It's looking like he will be back in time for SummerSlam, which is a good thing for everyone. Who he will be involved with upon his comeback isn't known yet, but the fans would likely be very happy with who he has in mind with AJ Styles and/or Sami Zayn.

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