'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo on Leaving ABC Series, Meredith And Alex's Future

Fans of Grey's Anatomy who are rooting for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) to finally get together in season 12 may just be in for a disappointment. In a recent interview, Pompeo said that her character just does not see Alex that way.

Speaking to TV Line, the Grey's Anatomy star explained that Meredith and Alex may be better off as friends. Ellen Pompeo pointed out that they were just too close, almost like siblings. She added that, in real life, she also has friends whom she is "super close" to, but that does not mean that they are attracted to one another.

"I think just because you're so in love with someone in one way doesn't mean it's a romantic love. But they certainly do understand each other a lot," she explained.

The publication recently created a poll, asking Grey's Anatomy fans if "Merlex" should start happening. Interestingly, 42 percent of the respondents believed that Meredith and Alex looked good together. Thirty-nine percent, however, have yet to get over Derek Shepherd's death and think Meredith should stay single. The remaining 18 percent is still undecided.

In the event that Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes decided that it will be best for Meredith to move on and start seeing Alex, Pompeo said that it would not be a problem. As the showrunner, Pompeo believed that Rhimes will always have the series' best interest at heart.

"This is Shonda's show and whatever path she chooses to go down creatively, I'm with her. I'm going to give it my all. I trust her vision. We've been a great team so far."

In a previous interview with Cosmopolitan last February, Ellen Pompeo admitted that she found it hard to hate Camilla Luddington, who plays Alex's girlfriend, Jo. While she believes that Meredith and Jo could get along pretty well, Pompeo once again said that she trusts Rhimes' vision.

"This is Shonda's show. And whatever Shonda wants to write, however she wants this show to go, or end, or continue to go, I have to be open to whatever she wants. My job is not to judge the characters' choices or her choices. I just have to act my ass off."
Shonda Rhimes is without a doubt famous for shaking things up. Remember McDreamy's shocking death last season? If she, once again, decides to drop another bomb for Grey's Anatomy fans, by pairing Meredith and Alex together, Ellen said that it will actually be "interesting" to see how things will turn out.In another interview, Pompeo said that once Grey's Anatomy is over, she will also quit acting. When asked if her belief changed over time, the actress admitted that while she loved to do other things, she just does not get as much offers compared to other actors. She explained that there has been an ongoing stigma with TV actresses, with producers thinking that they will not be able to transition to doing movies.
"If people tune into you for 12 years in a row, seven months out of the year, however long we're on the air for, that's a pretty solid audience. Why they would think those same fans wouldn't follow you into films is interesting."
Ellen Pompeo also shared that she and Shonda Rhimes would often sit down and talk about the future of Grey's Anatomy. While there are no plans to end the show just yet, the actress hoped that they will come to that conclusion together, as a team.
"We feel like we're in this together, and I think we don't want to do the show without each other. I think when either of us is ready, when we feel like it's time to wrap it up [we will]."
Grey's Anatomy season 12 airs Thursdays on ABC.

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