2020 Olympics: New Logo For Tokyo Olympics Revealed

On Monday, a new logo for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo was revealed, seven months after the first design was scrapped due to plagiarism concerns.

The new logo, is a "harmonized chequered emblem" in the color indigo designed by Asao Tokolo, a 46-year-old artist known for his intricate works. According to Japan Times, Tokolo's design was chosen by the Tokyo 2020 Logo Selection Committee from a shortlist of four designs. The design competition was opened to any resident of Japan over the age of 18-years-old, and the committee received about 15,000 entries.

Tokolo was surprised to see his work chosen and said, "My mind is totally blank now as I hear the news. I spent a lot of time designing this work and it is almost like my child."

TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 25: Asao Tokolo poses with his winning emblem designs for Tokyo 2020 (L) and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games (R) on April 25, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee announced today the new designs for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games emblems, more than six months after the original designs were cancelled over a plagiarism scandal. (Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images)
Designer Asao Tokolo poses with his winning emblems for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images)

The design, known as "ichimatsu moyo," is based on Japan's Edo era (1603-1868) and signifies "different countries, cultures and ways of thinking." The color indigo was chosen as it represents the "refined elegance and sophistication" of Japan.

Ryohei Miyata, the Logo Selection Committee Chairman, said a few words after revealing the 2020 Olympics logo.

"From today, these emblems will serve as the face of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I very much hope that the emblems will prove popular with people everywhere, and we look forward to your continued support toward the Tokyo 2020 Games."
The Logo Selection Committee had help in selecting the best logo to use for the 2020 Olympics. According to the same Japan Times article, aside from the 19 members of the committee, opinions of 39,712 online users and comments from 1,804 people written on postcards were taken into consideration as well. The 19-member committee consists of representatives from the business, design, and sports communities.As reported by Bloomberg, the original logo that was chosen for the 2020 Olympics was scrapped when a Belgian designer accused designer Kenjiro Sano of plagiarizing his logo from an emblem of a theater in Belgium. Sano insisted that his work was original.The logo for the 2020 Olympics may have been chosen, but there's still a lot of preparations to be done before the event. Olympics organizers have been rushing to build the Tokyo Olympic Stadium after letting go a design by architect Zaha Hadid. The architect's design was abandoned in July 2015, after the construction costs went sky-high, reaching 163 billion yen ($2.3 billion), which is 89 million yen more than the initial estimate. Olympic Committee Chairman Yoshiro Mori made a statement in July.
"We decided that we will start over from the beginning. We made this decision with the confidence that we will complete the stadium in time for the Olympic Games."
As a result, the Japanese Sports Council was forced to choose a new design for the stadium, this time from Kengo Kuma, which is said to cost 149 billion yen ($1.3 billion). According to The Verge, construction of the Tokyo Olympic Stadium will be completed by November 2019, just in time for the 2020 Olympics.

For his winning design of the logo for the 2020 Olympics, Asao Tokolo will be receiving 1 million yen and tickets to the Paralympic and Olympic games in 2020.

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[Photo by Shizuo Kambayashi/Associated Press]