Will Prince Be Reincarnated? Lady Gaga Seems To Think So

Will Prince be reincarnated? Lady Gaga seems to think so.

On April 24, 2016, Lady Gaga joined countless fans and celebrities who took to social media networks to share their grief and sorrow over the sudden death of Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince was found unconscious in an elevator in his home and studio, Paisley Park on Thursday, April 21, 2016. He was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m.

Lady Gaga shared her views on Prince's death through her official Instagram account on Sunday morning. Lady Gaga posted the following tribute to Prince.

"I tend to believe that when we die our souls hover for at least a moment if not longer before they either rest or are recycled into the consciousness of an already living being or maybe a newborn baby. Isn't it amazing Prince shared his soul with us so deeply before his death, and now after we will be replenished endlessly by both his legacy and all that he still has to give from the beyond. Thank you for sharing your life with us Prince. Giving up your anonymity because you felt compelled to share your gift. We learned so much. You just found God early, he needed you upstairs to innovate in heaven."
This isn't the first time that Lady Gaga has shared her belief in reincarnation In fact, Lady Gaga has publicly stated several times that she believes she is the reincarnation of her aunt Joanne, who passed away at the age of 19-years-old, when her father was 16. You can watch as Lady Gaga discusses her belief that she is the reincarnation of her aunt Joanne in the video below. Fast-forward to 6:09 where she begins to discuss her belief in reincarnation with host Shahrukh Khan. Hearing Lady Gaga's comments about reincarnation put into perspective her belief that Prince will be reincarnated as well.
Lady Gaga stated the following in the interview.
"I'm a very spiritual person and I thank God every day for my voice in the world. I believe that I had a reincarnation I my lifetime – a rebirth. I believe you can be reborn over and over again. I believe that I was my father's sister. My father's sister died when she was 19-years-old, and I believe that her spirit is with me. So, I believe that I am her reincarnation."
While Lady Gaga has made it clear that she believes in reincarnation, it seems the belief might have been the furthest things from Prince's own, personal beliefs. Prince had become an active Jehovah's Witness at the time of his death. The Saint Louis Park Kingdom Hall where Prince attended services and converted in 2003, released a statement to People magazine about Prince's personal beliefs and religion. The statement reads as follows.
"We are saddened to hear about the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, who was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2003. Semonian said that Prince "found fulfillment as a Witness and in sharing his faith with others." David A. Semonian, said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. The statement added: "We do not have any details regarding his medical condition or the cause of his death. Our thoughts are with his family and friends, particularly his fellow worshippers in the Saint Louis Park congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Minnesota. We hope that all find comfort in the Bible's promise of a future time when death, pain, and tears will be no more.—Revelation 21:3, 4."
According to the official Jehovah's Witness website and the article titled Do You Believe That You Have Lived Before? It is apparent that the resurrection and not reincarnation is the belief that Jehovah's Witnesses ascribe to.

It's important to understand that according to Jehovah's Witness doctrine, once a person dies, they cease to exist. God will raise up 144,000 souls through resurrection, and that is it. They also don't have any teachings that forbid cremation, as it was learned that on Sunday, Prince's body had been cremated and a private funeral held for his friends and family members.

What are your personal thoughts? Do you agree with Lady Gaga and think that Prince will be reincarnated?

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