Mel B Talks About Still Finding ‘Girl Power’ With The Spice Girls

Mel Brown of the popular 90s girl group the Spice Girls has been rumored to be the sole champion of wanting a full on Spice Girls reunion tour, with or without Posh Spice, otherwise known as Victoria Beckham. Now, it looks like she’s willing to at least speak about how it felt to be reunited with the Spice Girls.

Mel B, who back in the day was known as Scary Spice, says the reunion that took place at the London Olympics closing ceremony made her get that “girl power feeling” back all over again. Melanie Brown voiced her own thoughts about the whole experience and the future for the Spice Girls, saying:

“We didn’t realize it was such a big, you know, worst-kept rumor,” the Spice Girl told MTV News on Tuesday. “And now that we’ve known that we all kind of find it funny. And, at the same time feel kind of very lucky and happy that people were so excited about it.”

The Spice Girls hadn’t been back on stage together since their 2007 reunion tour stunt, but now it looks like there may be at least something in the cards for at least Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell. However, that doesn’t mean there’s any hard feelings. Mel B explained the connection she always feels towards the girls:

“Whenever we get together, whether it be we go out for dinner or you know we just launched our [‘Viva Forever’] musical, we just click back into how we were 20 years ago with each other.”

Riding a high on their success with the Olympics closing, it seems like the girls are very excited about bringing their music to a whole new audience. The Inquisitr has already reported on rumors that the Spice Girls, with the exception of Posh Spice, are all on board for a reunion. According to RadarOnline, Victoria’s schedule may not permit her to join the girls if they continue on, with a source adding:

“Vicky says she just has way too much on her plate right now with her fashion label and so busy being a mother to four young children, and wife to David and it just doesn’t seem like she wants any part of a reunion tour.”

Do you think the Spice Girls will wind up going back on tour for a 2012-2013 reunion?