Ayesha Curry Commercial: Steph Curry And Wife Appear In New Ad, Twitter Erupts Once More

Ayesha Curry is an endless source of entertainment for folks on social media. As reported by the The Inquisitr, when Ayesha swooped in and planted a kiss on Steph's shoulder as he spoke to a female reporter, Twitter saw the move as a Ayesha marking her territory.

On Sunday, April 24, Ayesha got more attention for appearing in a commercial that aired during the Golden State Warriors' game. In the light-hearted commercial, Ayesha tossed an object into the garbage can, while Steph appeared in the kitchen with her in the ad.

However, Ayesha's attention likely isn't much on the social media reaction to her commercial with her husband, but it is likely focused on the fact that Stephen Curry suffered an injury during the first half of the game. As seen in the top photo above, Steph left the basketball court and headed off to the locker room after slipping on a wet spot on the floor.

Steph and his team were going up against the Houston Rockets in Houston in Game 4 of the first-round NBA basketball playoff series. Ayesha wrote on Instagram that she was preparing Steph's favorite chicken parm comfort food and included the hashtag "prayers" on her post.

Meanwhile the reaction to Ayesha and Steph's commercial is flowing into Twitter, with some fans wondering if the commercial featuring the Curry Family always existed. The very photogenic family has been known to attract attention for their good looks and the funny antics of their daughter, as well as the youthful beauty of Steph's mother.

The reaction to Curry's commercial that aired during the NBA game gained kudos on social media.

Ayesha Curry really has a housewife commercial! S/o to Kaiser Permenante

Wow is in an NBA commercial ???????? salute

Love the and commercial.

Steph and Ayesha Curry commercial real dope

It is a different set of feedback that Ayesha sometimes receives on social media, a bit of backlash that seemingly began once Curry tweeted about sticking with classy styles of dress instead of certain modern trends.

The verified Ayesha Twitter account tends to post plenty of recipes and dishes from the @ayeshacurry account, with a description that sums up in a nutshell Curry's faith and position in life:

Believer. Wife. Mommy. Passionate Dual Citizen and Self proclaimed food critic... Living in my indestructible bubble of happiness. Instagram: ayeshacurry
However, parody accounts also exist -- with the Twitter account titled "Ayesha Curry" @ChiIIOutAyesha posting some hilarious tweets about the things that Curry might sometimes want to express -- but can't say directly. Sort of how the comedy duo Key and Peele created President Obama's "anger translator" Luther is how one should view Ayesha's parody account, which admits it's not actually from Curry.
I'm not associated with Ayesha curry, I do not own the contents I post/tweet. if you follow me please turn on my notification.

With more than 12,000 followers, the parody account tweets things Ayesha might think -- such as how wonderful Curry could cook up a chicken breast. The tweet throws in a sideways jabs that most women can't cook breasts, but can only post breasts on their timelines.

Other tweets from the parody account show the fake Ayesha doling out advice to Beyoncé, who recently displayed her marital troubles in an HBO special titled Lemonade. That tweet cut close to the bone as it joked about adultery avoidance.
Perhaps it's because Ayesha isn't afraid to make her Christian faith, as well as her status as a full-time mom, known that Curry courts so much backlash. Ayesha displays a wholesome image that might hit some viewers the wrong way -- whilst others celebrate Ayesha and all that she stands for.
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