WWE Rumors: Interesting Reason Why The Undertaker Was Pulled From European Tour And His 'WrestleMania 33' Status

Ever since The Undertaker's Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32 ended, there have been plenty of rumors about whether he is retired or not. No one seems to know for sure, but a lot more speculation started up when he was pulled from, added back to, and then completely pulled from WWE's European tour this past week. Now, the real reason for him not being in Europe is quite an interesting one, and talk of his status for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando has begun.

When the European tour was originally announced, The Undertaker was scheduled for five dates, but then dropped down to just two. Then, he was pulled from the tour completely. He ended up being added back to two dates and then didn't even travel to Europe at all.

Many wondered if this meant The Undertaker had given up and decided to retire or maybe that he was injured, but it appears as if it was neither of those reasons. Even after he was telling people at WrestleMania 32 that he was done, that just wasn't why he didn't go to the U.K.

wwe rumors the undertaker european tour terrorist attacks wrestlemania 33
[Image via WWE]PW Mania is reporting that The Undertaker decided not to go on WWE's tour of Europe due to the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and France. Yes, he was finally just scheduled for two appearances at events in England but eventually decided not go head over across the pond at all.

It isn't exactly known if this is the true reason behind The Undertaker not going on the tour, but it is what's going around. Still, many are beginning to think that his time in WWE is done and his being pulled from the tour is a sign that he may be over.

Many find it hard to believe that The Undertaker would end his career with a match against Shane McMahon, of all people. The fact that he won the match made the stipulation of Undertaker never appearing at a WrestleMania again be thrown out the window and left a door open.

Vince McMahon left that door open because he truly believes he can get "The Deadman" to go one more time at the big event in Orlando next year.

wwe rumors the undertaker european tour terrorist attacks wrestlemania 33
[Image via WWE]According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince does listen to The Undertaker and takes his words into consideration, but the longtime superstar has said he was done in the ring before. Yet, here he is appearing in matches time and time again.

In 2015, The Undertaker appeared in more matches and at more events than he had in years. That leads Vince McMahon to believe that he's still got at least one more WrestleMania in him and that 2016's event could be the retirement match for good.

The editors for WWE just recently teased a big match between The Undertaker and John Cena for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. It's not coincidental that they teased that match because it was the original plan for this year before Cena got injured.

Not to mention, it's the "Legend vs. Legend" match that Vince McMahon really wants to have.

wwe rumors the undertaker european tour terrorist attacks wrestlemania 33 john cena
[Image via WWE]Unless something drastic happens and another big injury occurs or if The Undertaker just finally decides to hang it up, then that match is going to happen next year in Orlando.

The Undertaker may not be retired or he may have already put down his gloves for good. No one really knows but him. He had his reasons for not going on WWE's European tour, and those were respected by Vince McMahon, but that makes it seem as if he's not yet done with wrestling. WrestleMania 33 is a long time away, so anything can happen even if plans are being put in place now.

[Image via WWE]