Dallas Cowboys Rumors: After Trading Down, The Cowboys Could Draft Paxton Lynch

With the Dallas Cowboys set to pick in the No. 4 slot on Thursday's 2016 NFL draft, rumors are started to heat up regarding potential players that they could select. While there are plenty of talented college players for the Cowboys to choose from in their current draft position, there is a chance that they could trade down in order to acquire more picks. The latest rumors from NFL analysts believe that the Cowboys could be targeting Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch in the first round.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Cowboys have been linked to California Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff and North Dakota State Bison quarterback Carson Wentz. Since Goff and Wentz are now expected to go to the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles, it initially appeared that the Cowboys were out of the running for a quarterback in the first round. While the Cowboys have shown interest in Lynch, the No. 4 pick is viewed as too high for him.

Many analysts view Lynch in a tier below Goff and Wentz, but others believe that he can be the top quarterback in this year's draft class. According to Phil Simms, as reported by CBS Sports, Lynch is going to have a better career than Goff.
"If I had to rank them, just where I see them down the road in the NFL, it would be Wentz, Paxton Lynch, Jared Goff."
While that is only the opinion of one analyst, no one really knows for sure which quarterback is going to have the most successful career. Goff has the most impressive pedigree, but many believe that Wentz and Lynch have a higher ceiling. Regardless, the Cowboys are still unlikely to draft Lynch with the No. 4 overall pick. As DallasCowboys.com reports, Lynch could very much be in play for them if they decide to trade down.
"His stock has likely changed over the last few weeks with the two trades involving the No. 1 and No. 2 picks. It appears Jared Goff could be the first overall player taken and there is a debate on what Philadelphia will do at No. 2, but a quarterback could be in play. It's not likely to be Lynch, here but if the two top quarterbacks are off the board early, it will only help him if teams feel like they must trade up to land him. He could go to Cleveland at No. 8 now that the Browns have moved back. If the Cowboys decide to trade down from the fourth pick, Lynch could be in play for them."
Since the Cowboys do not need a quarterback this season, trading down could make perfect sense. While Tony Romo is now 36-years-old, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes that he has another few years left of elite football. Lynch can be a great quarterback in the future, but he currently has a lot to learn. Sitting behind Romo for a few years can allow him to develop into a confident and potentially above-average quarterback, not unlike the Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers situation years ago. Comparing Lynch to Rodgers is premature, but his development could be greatly enhanced by learning from a veteran like Romo for a few seasons.
In addition to acquiring a young quarterback to groom, the Cowboy would also acquire more draft picks in the process. While the Cowboys finished with a 4-12 record last season, they are a much better team than their record showed. Injuries to Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant slowed them down tremendously, and they are set to bounce back in 2016. The Cowboys are basically guaranteed to get an impact player if they remain in the No. 4 spot, but trading down can allow them to get their potential quarterback of the future and multiple other impact players.

If the Cowboys are truly interested in Lynch, they have to ensure that they do not trade down far enough that the New York Jets could pass them. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Jets are rumored to have tremendous interest in Lynch at pick No. 20. The Denver Broncos are also thought to have interest in Lynch, but they would have to trade up in order to have a chance at drafting him.

A lot will change over the next few days, but rumors will continue to link the Dallas Cowboys to Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch. Since drafting Lynch at No. 4 is too early, expect the Cowboys to trade down if they are truly interested in the young signal caller.

[Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]