Joy-Anna Duggar Being Pressured To Marry Next, Duggar Daughter Resisting Courtship

Joy-Anna Duggar is finally feeling the pressure of being an adult woman. She recently celebrated turning 18-years-old. Duggar has been very vocal about not wanting to enter a courtship right now, especially since there are other things she is interested in doing. Despite having goals and ambitions, Duggar is still under immense pressure now that she is legally an adult.

Fans have watched as Joy-Anna Duggar has blossomed into a young woman. From seeing her grow up on 19 Kids and Counting to watching her step up and help her sisters on Jill and Jessa: Counting On, there aren't many things fans don't love about Joy-Anna. In the Duggar family, age comes with responsibility. According to the Stir, Joy-Anna Duggar is being pressured to enter into a courtship. She is not ready to meet someone and be married off. Right now, her focus is on doing things she loves, not rushing to walk down the aisle like her oldest brother and two sisters. Duggar discussed understanding how her oldest sister Jana feels when asked about courting someone.

With everything going on in the family, Joy-Anna Duggar has been one of the most positive members. During her interviews on Jill and Jessa: Counting On, there has been a lot of discussions about trust and forgiveness. Duggar has forgiven her brother and wants to mend the relationship they once had. Joy-Anna even broke down into tears when Anna Duggar was discussing visiting her husband and him sending well wishes and love to the family while in rehab. She has been praised constantly by her sisters and other family members, including her sister-in-law. There is something different about Joy-Anna, and fans have been noticing it since she was just a young girl.

There is a lot of pressure involved with being a Duggar, but Joy-Anna is learning to remain calm under it. She isn't ready to rush into things, and she draws inspiration from Jana Duggar. Since Jana is 26-years-old and not yet married, she is used to getting bombarded with questions about courting. Joy-Anna mentioned being able to sympathize with her oldest sister. It is nice to see they are bonding with one another and have priorities in life that don't involved marriage immediately and starting a family. Jana Duggar has spoken out about wanting to find "Mr. Right" instead of just settling for someone her parents choose. In fact, Joy-Anna Duggar has been dubbed an "updated" version of Jana.

After all of the issues the family has faced over the last year, Joy-Anna is still hanging in there with a great attitude. She is always seen smiling on camera, reacting to everything with a positive vibe instead of negativity. Her desire to wait on courting is admirable to some but confusing to others. There is still so much more Joy-Anna wants to do with her life. If she found someone now to court, Joy-Anna may pursue it. She isn't opposed to finding someone, it just isn't one of her priorities. Being an adult is scary enough without the added pressure of courtship.

Jill and Jessa: Counting On will be coming up to the season finale, and many will miss the sisters, including Joy-Anna Duggar. She is one of the most well-liked siblings among fans. With Joy-Anna having a voice about courtship and her ambitions to be more than just another wife, there is a lot of potential for her. Without strong values and morals, Joy-Anna Duggar wouldn't be where she is now. It speaks volumes about how she was raised given the choices she is making. Joy-Anna Duggar may not be the next Duggar to get married, but she is definitely one that people will be talking about.

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