This One Hillary VP Pick Could Guarantee Landslide Victory

Hillary VP picks are now picking up steam along with other candidates, and while the speculation is fierce, there is one choice that could guarantee a landslide victory regardless of who the GOP nominee is.

To understand who that Hillary VP pick should be, it helps to know something about the primary fight thus far.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been the only viable candidates from the beginning.

The smart money would say that the Hillary VP pick to make the most sense would be Sanders himself.

It would definitely show a sign of Democratic solidarity heading into November; but with the massive Republican primary turnout this election cycle, Clinton needs more than just her Democratic base to secure a victory.

With that said, it helps to understand the Republican side before determining who the Hillary VP pick should be.

Clearly, there is no one among the GOP frontrunners who could secure votes from Democrats, but if the Republican party ends up hating Clinton more than they do the two guys at the top of the ticket, there could still be enough of their support for the top GOP candidate to win the Presidency.


There is one guy still in the GOP race who would make a viable Hillary VP pick, and he just might say yes if history is any guide.

John Kasich.

Kasich has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, but he is a moderate Republican and a successful governor of the politically purple Ohio.

His approval there is somewhat high, and he has made a point of running a campaign that is more about the issues than the rhetoric that has placed Donald Trump and Ted Cruz near the top.

It is unlikely that the Republican National Convention (RNC) would pick John Kasich as their nominee should the race head to a brokered situation.

His ability to secure the votes of a deeply divided GOP has not been strong, but he did win Ohio, which kept him a dark horse candidate to this point in spite of low numbers.

It's unlikely that Trump or Cruz would be able to win Ohio in a general election, but Kasich would have a shot.

For the Clinton campaign to come in and offer him up the role as Hillary VP pick, it would be a coup that few would see coming; but it would also send a message of bipartisanship to the GOP base disheartened by Trump's and Cruz' popularity.

While Kasich, if accepting of the position, would be branded as a traitor by some in the party, his acceptance of such an offer would be more in keeping with his character and would almost be expected.

He has frequently spoken in debates and on the campaign trail about how he was able to lead a bipartisan effort to help balance the budget during Bill Clinton's administration.

He has offered softer positions than the hardline GOP -- the people supportive of Trump and Cruz -- on LGBT issues.

He is not widely loved by the Democratic party, but most in the Democratic base at least respect him above other Republicans and see in him a man willing to reach across party lines and get things done. Besides, he has the track record to prove it.

Lastly, for Kasich to receive a Hillary VP offer, it would cinch up the Independent vote so necessary for winning elections in a bitterly divided political landscape.

But what do you think, readers?

Is John Kasich a Hillary VP pick you could get behind, and how likely do you think it might be in this election cycle? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons / Asia Society]