Watch Donald Trump's Pennsylvania Rallies Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of Monday's Rallies From Wilkes-Barre And West Chester

Viewers can watch Donald Trump's rallies from Wilkes-Barre and West Chester on Monday and see if Trump's trip through Pennsylvania can help him continue his streak toward the GOP nomination.

After the big win in his home state of New York last week, Donald Trump is looking to continue his momentum in Tuesday's contests, where Pennsylvania is one of the biggest prizes.

Streaming video of Donald Trump's rally from West Chester can be found below. Coverage will start at 4 p.m.

Viewers who want to watch Donald Trump's rally from Wilkes-Barre can check it out at the video below. It is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

If the polling is any indication, Donald Trump is in for a big day in the Keystone State. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll showed that Trump held an 18-point lead over Ted Cruz, leading 45 percent to 27 percent.

As NBC News noted, Trump is leading in nearly all areas.

Trump performs the best among those who strongly support a candidate (getting support from 57 percent from that group), men (52 percent), those without a college degree (52 percent) and those in the Northeast part of the state (52 percent).

He performs the worst among college graduates (37 percent), women (39 percent), white evangelicals (40 percent — but still leading Cruz's 36 percent) and in the Philadelphia suburbs (38 percent — leading Kasich's 34 percent).

Those who watch Donald Trump's rallies in Pennsylvania live online will likely see an energized Trump. After his resounding victory in New York -- winning 90 of the possible 95 delegates -- Trump will again be looking for a big win in Pennsylvania. In the last month, losses in Wisconsin and at the Colorado Republican convention put Trump off the pace to win the nomination outright. If he comes in below the delegate threshold, it appears that he would lose in a contested convention, as Ted Cruz has lined up delegates who will abandon Trump and vote for him.
That means Pennsylvania is even more important. Simply winning isn't the only objective -- Trump will need to run up the score as much as possible.

A big win could help Trump get even more ammunition for the Republican National Convention and what could be a contested race. Pennsylvania has just 17 delegates up for grabs in the race itself, with three more allotted to state party leaders, McClatchy noted.

The state's other 54 delegates are elected by congressional districts and not bound to any candidate. A big win in Pennsylvania could help Trump make his case that all should go to him, and given how close it appears that Trump will end up to the 1,237 delegate threshold, Pennsylvania's unbound delegates could end up deciding the race.

A win may be what Trump needs, as his opponents have been doing more work to win over these delegates, the report noted:

The Cruz campaign has identified candidates that support him; in a memo this week, Kasich strategist John Weaver said the campaign is "focused on supporting delegate candidates who will work at the convention to nominate the most electable candidate in the fall." Kasich met with some of the prospective delegates last week, he told the editorial boards of the Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News.
Viewers who miss the live streaming video of Donald Trump's rallies in Pennsylvania on Monday will be able to watch the full replay in the embedded video above.

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