Don't Fall For Psychic Scams With These Tips

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, tarot card and psychic readings are a hot trend right now, and if you've seen the commercials or ads and are thinking about giving it a try yourself, you might want to arm yourself with a few tips to make sure you don't get taken for a ride. There may be a sucker born every minute, but make sure that sucker ain't you.

Even with the high-profile case of the New Yorker who had his bank account wiped out by fraudulent psychics claiming his deceased ex-girlfriend had returned in the body of another woman, many claim that the majority of psychics out there are real. Or at least they genuinely believe they have a gift to guide people and possibly predict future events.

According to Bob Olsen, of Best Psychic Directory, be wary when someone starts asking a lot of leading questions to pick up clues beyond the basic information needed to start reading. A leading question would be something like "Is there someone in your life named Bill?" or "Is there someone around you who is recently died?"

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[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Olson emphasizes that these leading questions aren't always an indicator of a psychic scam, but they should definitely set off a red flag in your mind if you're into reading and it happens.
"Some people call this cold reading. For the most part, scam artists giving a cold reading are fishing around for clues so they can improve their guessing ratio when giving you messages. Yet not every psychic medium who asks a lot of questions is a fake. There are many legitimate psychic mediums who have developed poor habits of asking you a question about what they're seeing, hearing or feeling instead of just presenting it as a statement."

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[Image courtesy pf Shutterstock]As impossible as it sounds that anyone could fall for these kinds of psychic scams, it happens, especially to those who are physically or emotionally vulnerable, such as those fighting a major illness. Speaking of which, another important clue to watch for is that an ethical psychic reader would never give you health or medical advice, pregnancy advice, and it's an absolute taboo in the business to talk about how or when someone will die. Along those lines, while psychic readers always want to be honest, anyone who seems to be using fear tactics or the threat of future bodily harm to encourage you to keep coming back and spending money is probably a con artist, and it's best if you call it a day and try someone else.

Remember, that while it's partly for protective reasons that psychic readers and websites have a warning of "for entertainment purposes only," that's the best approach to take to the whole process to get the most out of it for you, as well. Talented psychic and tarot readers can give great insight and advice, but have fun with it and take everything with a healthy grain of salt.

And never, ever spend more than $700,000 for psychic readings no matter how good they seem to be. At that price, they better be giving you winning lottery numbers. It seems like common sense, but there really is a sucker born every minute.

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