Will.i.am’s $700,000 Custom DeLorean Reportedly Stolen

Black Eyed Peas artist Will.i.am reportedly had his limited edition DeLorean stolen from right outside the venue of his album launch party in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

According to TMZ, Will.i.am started the night in a happy mood, excited about the upcoming release of his fourth solo-project, titled #willpower.

“I’m so freakin excited…,” the rapper tweeted. “My album is just moments from being complete”…so tonights party at the #avalon is a celebration…#willpower”

After the party, however, Will’s joy quickly turned to rage as he went to retrieve the white, custom-made, futuristic supercar from valet and discovered it was missing.

He immediately told his Twitter followers of his plight, writing:

“My car was stolen… what the f***… Where is my f***ing car…??? This isn’t funny anymore. I’m going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe…”

Earlier today, TMZ said Will’s car had been recovered this evening after a spokesperson for the star reportedly told them: ‘Everything is fine, he has his car.’

The Black Eyed Peas star quickly shot down TMZ’s claims on Twitter writing:

According the my GARAGE it hasn’t been found #wheresmycar …”@AArnoldphoto: @iamwill according to TMZ your car has been found.”

As of this writing, Will.i.am’s DeLorean is still missing. The artist, however, refuses to involve the police as he believes the incident may be a prank.

Check out photos (taken just hours before the car was stolen) of Will.i.am’s custom DeLorean below:

will-i-ams custom delorean 1

will-i-ams delorean 2