Bright House Networks cable guys are trained spys

Bright House Networks, one of the largest cable TV companies in the U.S. is training their field service technicians to observe ‘suspicious behaviour’ in people’s homes while they are installing or servicing customer’s cable connections. They are then to report this behaviour to the proper authorities as part of a neighborhood watch plan.

So what, in their eyes, is the definition of suspicious behaviour?

“…according to law enforcement and Homeland Security guidelines, suspicious behavior includes owning guns, being politically active, and having bumper stickers on your car.”

According to Fox 35 news:

“Operation Bright Eyes is designed to maximize the eyes and ears of Bright House Networks field service representatives and other employees to easily identify suspicious behavior and to quickly report criminal activities to police. All current and new Bright House employees will receive training to help them use the ‘resources at their disposal’ to become familiar with residents and activities in neighborhoods and report anything they deem unusual to the authorities in order to keep our neighborhoods safe.”

Yeah, so just about anyone – the pizza guy, the mail man, paper boy, etc. could be eyeing that gun rack in your living room, notice that the portrait of Obama on the mantle is in line with the barrel of your AK-47 and next thing you know, a SWAT team is dragging you out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, screaming that they’re going to kill you if you resist.

Good thing they’re closing Gitmo, eh?