More Money for Mobile Games

Mpowerplayer, a company that develops the foundation technology for mobile game makers such as EA Mobile and Sega Mobile, has an extra $2.5 million to help create new content.

The cash will go toward building Mpowerplayer’s game catalog widget for mobile gamers with the goal of making mobile games as big as online games have become.

“Seventy percent of online consumers play games in their web browser, but less than 5 percent play games on their mobile phone,” CEO Michael Powers said. “Every one of these people carries a game console in their pocket, but they need to discover what they can do with it.”

Mpowerplayer aims to make it easy to find and try mobile games on your PC, then have the option of snagging them for your phone. You can play all the games for free on the company’s Web site.

The company’s been around for only about four months. Its fresh funding comes from New Atlantic Ventures, the Center for Innovative Technology GAP Fund, and LaunchBox Digital.