Rachael Ray's Instagram Gets Beyoncé Fan Backlash: Jay-Z's Alleged Mistress Rachel Roy Confused With Ray

There's a fascinating thing going on in the wake of Beyoncé debuting her Lemonade HBO special and sparking divorce rumors, as reported by The Inquisitr. Beyoncé sparked loads of curiosity throughout Lemonade, as she alluded to troubles in her marriage to Jay-Z, with lyrics that claimed a certain man only wanted Beyoncé when she wasn't there. That's when Beyoncé commanded the man to call a certain "Becky" -- which Urban Dictionary defines as anything from the act of fellatio to a Caucasian woman -- with good hair.

"Better call Becky with the good hair."
Beyoncé fans immediately pounced on Rachel Roy, reports ET, not only because of previous rumors of Roy having inappropriate interactions with Jay, but also because of Rachel's Instagram reaction. Roy was reportedly one of the reasons for the big elevator blow-up between Beyoncé's sister, Solange, and Jay, with rumors that Rachel allegedly said something disrespectful to both women. The "Beyhive" of Beyoncé began to sting once again when Roy seemed to react to the lyrics from "Sorry" on Instagram.

After wondering which "Becky" Beyoncé might have been referencing, Beyoncé's fans were reeling after Roy wrote an Instagram post that also referenced "good hair," and seemed a flippant response to infidelity accusations, according to fans of Beyoncé. Roy, a 42-year-old designer, wrote about "good hair" and included a hashtag about living in the light and banishing "drama queens." With Beyoncé often called "Queen Bey," Rachel's Instagram post seemed like a direct response to Beyoncé.

As imagined, Roy's response didn't sit well with Beyoncé fans, and Rachel deleted the post after some time.

"Good hair don't care, but we will take good lighting for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light. #nodramaqueens"
Beyoncé fans attacked Roy's Wikipedia page and called her "Becky with the good hair." The problem faced by some Beyoncé fans is that they attacked the wrong Rachel. With Rachel Roy's name being very similar to Rachael Ray, the celebrity chef, it caused confusion with a gaggle of Beyoncé fans who began leaving lemon emojis on Ray's Twitter and Instagram pages, thinking she was Roy -- the woman accused of being in the center of the turmoil between Beyoncé and Jay-Z.
As seen in the comments section of the above tweet from Ray, plenty of lemon emojis are showing up in Ray's Twitter.
how your mentions doing?
As reported by BuzzFeed, in their viral article titled "Important PSA For Beyoncé Fans: Rachael Ray Is Not Rachel Roy," Ray just wants to cook and not likely receive hate comments.
"Stop coming for poor Rachael Ray. She just wants to make brunch."
Beyoncé fans are leaving comments on the correct Instagram account, titled "Rachel_Roy," which has reportedly gone private -- but is still receiving comments from folks wondering about her role in Beyoncé marital drama. Roy posted an Instagram message about seeking love in friendships and not judgment.
"All you should seek in friendships is love & no judgement, growth & laughter"
Beyoncé fans are debating whether or not Roy even had any involvement in the situation.
"Everyone is crazy to think she had a situation with jay she was dame [Damon Dash's] ex wife for Christ sake smh"
Beyoncé is getting support from fans writing on Instagram that Roy hasn't denied any allegations on Instagram.
"Here's the thing, she has not stepped forward to deny the allegations. if I were innocent, I would."
Either way, Beyoncé fans are very heated about the situation and riled up again via Beyoncé's new album.
"Jay-Z is the one who cheated! Don't blame her for him being a tool! And you don't know if it's Rachel! Leave her alone!"
Beyoncé is definitely "that b****" that causes all this conversation, as she rhymes in Formation.


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