Kim Jong-Un's 'Dagger Of Destruction': North Korean Dictator Claims Successful Ballistic Missile Tests From Submarine

Kim Jong-Un is touting a ballistic missile test he has called an "eye-opening success." The North Korean dictator says that the communist nation successfully launched a ballistic missile from a submarine in the Sea of Japan which means the nation is one step closer to taking down enemies with a "dagger of destruction." Kim Jong-Un went on to say that they have the capability to attack Seoul and the United States "whenever" they feel like it.

The Daily Mail reports that North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un is continuing to ramp up his military by testing ballistic missiles in the Sea of Japan. The latest test was called an "eye-opening success" by the dictator as he claims ballistic missile tests from a submarine would provide North Korea with the capabilities to sneak up on their enemies.

"This eye-opening success constitutes one more precious gift the defence scientists and technicians are presenting to the great leaders and the party."
The South Korean defense ministry seems to agree, noting that they are following the dictator's movements closely and are remaining in a "defense posture." South Korean military has confirmed the launch of the ballistic missile from the submarine but says that the projectile only went about 19 miles before dropping back into the sea. It was revealed that this is significantly less than a submarine-launched ballistic missile would typically fly. In fact, these types of missiles typically travel a distance of about 186 miles. Therefore, it is unclear if the launch was as successful as Kim Jong-Un would like the public to believe.The state-run news station in North Korea reveals that the ballistic missile was a success and was not being tested for distance but rather launch capabilities.
"At the observation post he was briefed on the plan for the test-fire and gave an order for it. As soon as the order was issued, the submarine submerged as low as the biggest depth of waters for launching and fired the ballistic missile. The test-fire was aimed to confirm the stability of the underwater ballistic launching system in the maximum depth of waters."
Despite the short distance the ballistic missile traveled, any movement forward with submarine-launched ballistic missiles is a concern as it would give the communist leader more stealth when sneaking up on enemies.
"A successful test from a submarine would be a worrying development because mastering the ability to fire missiles from submerged vessels would make it harder for outsiders to detect what North Korea is doing before it launches - giving it the potential to surprise its enemies."
Though North Korea may be exaggerating their current military abilities, South Korean military experts note that any progress made on this front should be taken seriously. The experts note that there is no indication that North Korea currently has submarines capable of firing multiple missiles, but they do admit that the communist country seems to be making progress in this area. North Korea has been warned by the United States and UK to halt any further submarine-launched ballistic missile testing as it was in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions. However, the North Korean dictator seemed unmoved by the threats noting that his country now has the capability to hit "the heads of the South Korean puppet forces and the US imperialists anytime as it pleases."

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Kim Jong-Un salutes the public. (Photo by KCNA / Getty Images)

President Barack Obama has responded to the North Korea dictator's comments noting that his actions are being taken "very seriously."

"North Korea continues to engage in continuous provocative behavior. They have been actively pursuing a nuclear program, an ability to launch nuclear weapon. Although more often than not they fail in these tests, they gain knowledge each time they engage in these tests. And we take it very seriously."
In addition to submarine-launched ballistic missiles, North Korea has also been testing its nuclear capabilities. The country recently performed four nuclear tests in January that left the dictator touting a successful creation of a "hydrogen bomb."

Soldier Standing in front of Television with North Korean missile on it
A South Korean soldier looks on as a North Korean parade is shown on television behind him. [AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon]What do you think about North Korea's recent submarine-launched ballistic missile test?

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