California: Puppy Found With Ears Cut Off, Mutilated Body, Fights For Survival

A young puppy from Modesto, California, is fighting for its life after the animal was found brutally tortured and mutilated - apparently by its owner. According to a KTLA report, the puppy named Vitus was rescued by a passing couple who saw the bloodied animal chained and in visible pain outside a business in Modesto. They were shocked to see that the puppy was bleeding profusely and had also had both of its ears cut off. The puppy, which happens to be an American pit bull terrier, was found by the unnamed couple last week who were just passing by the area. The couple later handed the puppy over to another passerby, a woman identified as Sonia Cano, who offered to help after she saw the horribly injured puppy in their hands. Cano later told news reporters what had reportedly happened.

According to Sona, a man, believed to be the owner of the puppy, was near the animal when the couple saw it in a pitiful state outside a business located off Crowslanding Rd. The man warned the couple to "leave the dog alone" and went inside, apparently to get a pair of scissors in order to continue inflicting the animal even more pain. Sensing an opportunity, the couple scooped the puppy away from there and rescued it. After walking a few blocks, they met Sona Cano who took the puppy from them and called Kate's Rescue, a no kill animal and rescue organization. Cano has since then taken the puppy in and is its new owner.

The puppy was later taken to the American pet Clinic in Ceres where it is currently undergoing treatment. According to Dr. Amanpreet Basra of the pet clinic, the pain that the little puppy endured had been horrible after the doctor realized that the animal's ears had been cut off without sedation, pain medication or antibiotics.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page has been created to meet the treatment expenses of Vitus, and so far, people have raised more than $1,700 that would go into the treatment of the puppy. Describing the ordeal the little puppy had to go through, an excerpt from the GoFundMe page reads the following.

"It is believed that the perpetrator was inside getting another pair of scissors to finish his mutilation job. The good Samaritans scooped him up while the 'owner' told them to leave the dog alone and went back inside the store."
However, the puppy is still fighting for his life after it became clear that he had contracted a deadly and highly contagious canine virus known as parvovirus. According to Sona, the puppy started vomiting and showed symptoms of diarrhea the second day he was in the hospital after which a test confirmed the presence of parvovirus.

Dr. Basra adds the following.

"There is no medicine that can kill Parvo. We have to support the dog through all the symptoms we see. There's a 70 percent chance they survive."
The GoFundMe page was set up only to raise $700 which was all that was needed for the puppy. However, since the fund has crossed over $1,700, the rest of the amount would be used to help other dogs in need, the page creator said.

Even though the puppy remains in critical condition, Cano is hopeful he will survive.

"Good vibes for him. We're hoping he pulls through this. It's just been a rough start for him."
Meanwhile, it is unclear if an investigation had been launched into the incident. There have been several voices from within the community urging officials to press Animal Cruelty charges against the previous owner of the puppy.

[Image Via GoFundMe]