Sheena Easton And Prince: Late Star Remembered By Scots Singer

Sheena Easton and Prince collaborated together throughout the 1980s, and in the aftermath of the pop star's death last week, the Scots singer is now paying tribute.

In comments reported by the HeraldScotland on Sunday, Easton said that it was "impossible to imagine him not being here."

Further comments over at her official website called Prince "iconic, innovative, controversial, unique, charismatic and one of the driving forces of music for the last four decades."

"Yes, he was all of those things, but he was also warm and generous, gentle and kind and when he chose you as his friend, you were blessed," she said.

The comments from Sheena Easton did not stop there, adding that Prince was "brimming with music he wanted to share with the world and so many artists and musicians have benefited from his vision."

Prince had an energy that was so strong he never seemed to age or tire, Sheena Easton added, calling him the "epitome of a soul that came to us overflowing with love, and music, and light."

Sheena Easton and Prince recorded "The Arms of Orion" together for the 1989 soundtrack to the Tim Burton-Michael Keaton Batman film. However, their connection goes back further than that.

Prince had written a song for her in 1984 -- the controversial "Sugar Walls," which had its video banned at the time, not because of anything in it, but because the song's lyrics were too risqué.

He also wrote for her the 1987 song "Eternity," and that same year appeared in his concert film Sign o'the Times. That's where they got to cut their famous duet of "U Got the Look."

The song charted higher than any of the other songs on that album.

Sheena Easton and Prince also have some history writing songs together, though none of those efforts fared particularly well, save for the aforementioned "The Arms of Orion."

Some reports from the 1980s had the pair romantically linked, though there is still a certain amount of uncertainty as to whether that was the case.

As for Sheena Easton, she eventually stopped collaborating with Prince, more because their careers diverged than any personal differences.

Her personal life has consisted of four unsuccessful marriages, with the last one ending in 2003 after one year. Her longest marriage lasted 18 months.

At 56-years-old, Easton has slowed her career while being the mother of two adopted children.

Her last album was Fabulous in 2000.

She has spent more time pursuing acting projects. In 2009, she did an "appearance" on Phineas and Ferb. She has also appeared in the John Carpenter horror film Body Bags and the Highlander, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., and Miami Vice TV series.

Her music has appeared in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only (title track) and "Morning Train" was prominently featured in the television series Seinfeld in two episodes -- the one where Kramer takes a "job" at Brant Leland and the one where George is mistaken for being handicapped so just goes with it.

Sheena Easton started "The Spy Who Loved Me," a series of symphony concerts with guest vocalists that features material from past and present spy movies. The U.S.-originated tour has taken the Glasgow native from San Francisco to Australia.

As for Prince, it has been four days since his death was announced. While the cause is not clear at this time and the body has been cremated, salutes have been pouring in from all over the world.

It's suspected that the intensely private Prince was suffering from severe health problems and "flu-like symptoms," though more will be known in the coming days.

Do you remember Sheena Easton and Prince's collaborations? What were your favorites? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Sheena Easton Facebook]