Bethenny Frankel Dishes Her Skinnygirl Tips For Simple And Quick Weight Loss

Bethenny Frankel's latest book, titled Naturally Thin, details Skinnygirl rules that every woman should know and live by to achieve a healthier lifestyle without counting calories or points. Her book was a hot topic on social media after many felt some of her rules could cause eating disorders. Bethenny stated that the rules are meant only as a guideline, and they are tried, tested, and easy tips that anyone can do that needs a little help to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Bethenny says you have to think of your diet like a checking account. When you plan to eat something sweet, pair it up with something that saves calories. She explained you should pair up a carbohydrate with a protein and something sweet with a vegetable of some sort. Not only does it save calories to balance your food choices, but it help control your hunger longer.
Frankel states that you can eat whatever you want, just can't eat everything all at once. If you want a small slice of cake, eat it. However, it's not a good idea to eat the whole sheet of cake in one sitting. Pace yourself and eat a little bit of everything. When at a party, it is a good idea to sample small portions of all your favorite foods, but limit each portion to bite-sized servings. You will feel as if you are overindulging when in truth, you are eating the right amount of calories.

Perhaps one of Bethenny's best tips is to pay attention to the food you eat. Relish every bite and really concentrate on your food. That way you feel like the calories are worth the splurge, and you will eat much less if you stop mindless eating. The term mindless eating refers to a common practice of eating food without thinking. It is most commonly practiced while watching television or on the internet.

Frankel says there is no need to feel like you have to clean your plate at every meal. It is perfectly okay to leave some food on your plate and is a great strategy to eat less and lose weight. For as long as we can remember, our mothers have told us that you must eat everything on your plate because somewhere in the world, a child would love to eat the food you left behind.

If you can't stop cleaning your plate, Bethenny has a practical tip for you, too. Downsize your plate. If your plate is smaller, naturally, you will eat much less food. A recent study revealed that those who eat off a blue plate ate less food than a white plate. Reportedly, the reason was that the food was less appealing on a bright-colored plate.

In the end, Bethenny states that you know yourself, and if you cannot control yourself around your favorite foods, don't put yourself in a situation that you can and will overeat. Always, if given the choice, eat real food. Avoid prepackaged meals as they have added ingredients that may not be the healthiest. Real food is obvious, and you won't have to guess what it is. A banana doesn't need a label; you know what it is by looking at it.

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[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Skinnygirl Cocktails]