Ted Cruz Bashes Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton At Indiana Rally

In the battle over who can and should be able to use public restrooms, Senator Ted Cruz has taken a side, and not everyone will like it.

Ted Cruz at a rally in Terra Haute, Indiana
[Photo by Darron Cummings/AP Images]According to Time, Senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz held a campaign rally in Terra Haute, Indiana this weekend. Sporting jeans beneath the ubiquitous blazer, Cruz addressed the crowd of supporters. On the subject of public restrooms, Ted Cruz didn't mince words. In fact, Ted Cruz took a swipe at the media, the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, and Republican front-runner Donald Trump when affirming his position.
"Let me make this real simple for the folks in the media who find this very confusing. If Donald Trump dresses up as Hillary Clinton, he still can't go to the girl's bathroom."
Senator Cruz's breakdown of the situation likely won't impress GLAAD. Based on his language, Senator Cruz is confusing the word transsexual with transvestite or cross dresser.

According to GLAAD's Media Reference Guide, a cross-dresser, which they acknowledge as preferable to transvestite, is different. A cross-dresser is listed as a typically heterosexual man who occasionally wears clothing and accessories associated with women. By contrast, transgender is an umbrella term which covers cross-dressers (who don't typically take surgical or medical steps to change their gender) and transgender men and women (who often seek medical intervention.)

Senatore Ted Cruz may be convinced that the media is confused on the issue, but voters aren't, and they took to social media to respond to Cruz.

It seems that Senator Ted Cruz may be trying to differentiate himself from Republican front-runner Donald Trump. According to CBS, Donald Trump walked back his opposition to North Carolina's bathroom law. After initially pointing out that there have "been very few problems" with trans people using the bathroom they identify with, Trump suggested that the issue be left to the individual states.

But in while his attempts to differentiate himself from Donald Trump and claim the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz has drawn the ire of many voters.

Donald Trump supporters accused Ted Cruz of bribing delegates.
[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a battle has been brewing over the Republican primary delegates. While the voters of each state chose the candidate they want their delegates to vote for, each delegate spot is filled during the county and state conventions. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, he failed to follow through with claiming the delegate spots. Senator Cruz capitalized on Donald Trump's lack of understanding. Many of the delegate spots were filled by Ted Cruz supporters.

The delegate spots are part of Ted Cruz's plan to win the Republican nomination on the second ballot. Delegates in some states are required to follow the popular vote on the first ballot. If Donald Trump can't clinch the nomination on the first ballot, many of the delegates will vote for Ted Cruz on the second ballot. Senator Ted Cruz hopes that it will be enough to make him the Republican presidential candidate.

According to Fox, as of April 19, Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated from claiming the Republican nomination before the convention, but as long as he stays in the race, he will be included on the Republican National Convention ballot.

Which explains why Ted Cruz won't drop out of the race, but it hasn't saved him from the wrath of Donald Trump's supporters.

The Republican National Convention is July 18-21. Ted Cruz shows no signs of dropping his candidacy. The question is, can his rhetoric best Donald Trump?

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]