Amy Joyner Murder: Cell Phone Video Captures Moment 16-Year-Old Delaware Girl Is Killed In School Restroom Over Boy

A 16-year-old girl, Amy Joyner, was murdered in the school restroom of Howard High School of Technology in Delaware on Thursday morning just before classes were scheduled to begin. The teen was allegedly jumped by a gang of girls after she got into an altercation with another girl over a boy. The whole horrifying ordeal was allegedly caught on tape with police revealing that the murder was filmed on a cell phone.

CBS Evening News reports that at least one of Amy Joyner's alleged attackers took cell phone footage of the brawl in the Howard High School of Technology bathroom. The startling footage shows Joyner being forced to her knees by another girl as her hair is pulled from behind. Shortly after, Amy would be killed when her head was smashed into a bathroom sink, leaving her with fatal injuries.

Wilmington police reports that at least one video exists of the incident and is helping police in identifying Amy's attackers. In total, the police department says they have questioned three girls, all of which have been suspended from school. Mayor Dennis Williams says that the girls could spend a "significant amount of time" in prison for the death of Amy and that the stint in prison would be just.

"Now they know they're in very serious trouble and could spend a substantial amount of time in prison. I'm a retired police officer. If the physical evidence shows that they are the perpetrators and a person loses their life, absolutely [they should spend substantial time in prison]."
A senior at Howard High School, Suleida Zayas, claims that social media is playing a big part in the desire for teens to film fights. With fights being viewed as"cool" to upload online, Zayas says many students try to "outdo" each other.
"Social media plays a big part in a lot of what's going on nowadays. It's cool to record a fight. It's cool to be on social media because of fight, and I think that's where a lot of us mess up."
With teens attempting to upload the best "fight video," Williams says parents need to step up and stop the behavior before it turns deadly. As the father of three girls, Williams says he has experienced his own personal struggles but says that he "won the battle" by going "toe-to-toe with her" during a fight. He says parents need to step up to the plate and ensure their children aren't partaking in these types of behaviors.
"I had a rebellious one. Oh yeah. But I won the battle by going toe-to-toe with her. Parents need to step it up."
Sadly, the assaults against Amy Joyner on social media didn't end after her death. Some of the girls allegedly involved in her death posted messages to Amy following the incident in which they noted they were glad she was gone. All of the hateful messages against Amy have since been deleted, likely due to pending murder charges. However, screenshots of the offending messages were captured before the teens had the chance to wipe them from their accounts.

Amy Joyner Death
One Instagram user notes that they "made sure to kill that b****" (Image via Instagram)

Another video posted to Instagram allegedly shows one of the girls believed to have been involved in the death of Amy being beaten by her classmates.

ABC 6 reports that with the alleged offenders in Amy's death out of school, the community is in mourning. Following the confirmed death of sophomore Amy Joyner, makeshift memorials began popping up outside of the school. School resumed on Friday with grief counselors on site. Councilwoman Sherry Dorsey Walker, who is serving as a spokesperson for Joyner-Francis' family, notes that Amy Joyner was not known for fighting or involving herself in this type of behavior. Instead, she says Amy was an honor roll student who had parents who were deeply involved in her life.

"This not a young lady who was involved in street activity. This is an honor roll student, manager of the wrestling team, whose mother and father were very engaged in her life, as well as her siblings. She didn't condone violence. She was a lover not a fighter. That's how she was."
Police note that none of the three girls believed to have been involved in the assault and murder of Amy Joyner have been arrested; however, police expect charges to be filed next week after the autopsy results are confirmed.

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