The Walking Dead Movie Might Be In The Works

Is a Walking Dead film in the works? It looks like it just might be! Although no official talks have been set by the television show’s network AMC itself, according to horror movie news site Bloody Disgusting, there’s some unofficial talks being discussed. A source close to The Walking Dead production has told Mr. Disgusting that there’s “rumblings” of discussions being made about a possible film.

The Walking Dead, which was originally pitched around as a feature film before it was even a television show, is most likely getting a motion picture ending to cap off the end of the series whenever that happens. So, don’t anticipate The Walking Dead movie to happen anytime soon because the show is only in its third season. However, other shows were also rumored to have movies like Entourage, 24, Lost, and The Sopranos, and those projects never came to fruition, so we’ll just have to sit back and wait it out.

Mr. Disgusting over at Bloody Disgusting, adds “nothing is even close to official and don’t expect there to be any real talks for another few years.” A film is not that hard to imagine though, The Walking Dead, which has gained in its popularity has somewhat of a cinematic feel to each episode, and, since zombie films are already widely popular, who knows what could happen.

The timing of The Walking Dead film will have to be perfect, and Mr. Disgusting reminds people of that, “While Sex and the City and X-Files found a way to make the leap from the small to big screen, 24, Lost and The Sopranos failed to make the transition. The odds are always against a feature version of a television series, although many older programs have found a way.”

Are you interested in a Walking Dead film?