Russian Military Purchased Five Dolphins, Reasoning Behind Purchase Kept Top Secret

The Russian military has just purchased five bottle-nosed dolphins as part of a military contract and the reason for the purchase is being kept top secret.

According to NBC News, the five bottle-nosed dolphins were purchased for a total cost of $26,000. The purchase was awarded to the Utrish Dolphinarium, who was also the only bidder in the process that was announced previously and officially closed on Tuesday. The dolphins are expected to be delivered to the Russian military by August 1.

According to the bid details, the Russian military will receive dolphins that are between the ages of 3- and 5-years-old, three of which will be male and the other two female.

There are no details as to why the dolphins were purchased. However, it is believed that they could be used for anything from therapeutic purposes, to locating bombs and other weapons under water, as dolphins have been used in the past. However, the specifics for these five dolphins is still yet unknown.

The strange dolphin purchase has many scratching their heads as to why one of the most powerful military forces in the world would spend money on a sea creature.

Delivery of the dolphins will occur at the Sevastopol in Crimea, which is located in the Ukraine and annexed by Russia in 2014, according to Metro. Each of the dolphins will be inspected prior to delivery to insure great health.

"All teeth intact and no mucus from the blowhole."
When Sevastopol was annexed, it came with a dolphin training facility and it appears as though the Russian military plans on putting it to good use.

NBC News reached out to the Russian military in hopes of discovering the reasoning behind the purchase. However, the Russian military did not return the call. Despite the potential uses for war, the dolphins are not expected to wear body armor or remote weaponry, but could, instead, assist in the treatment of psychological disorders and stress therapy for soldiers that might need such help.

In many other military forces throughout the world, dolphins have been used in multiple capacities, such as locating underwater mines and rescue attempts for those lost or stranded at sea. The Unites States military has also employed the services of sea lions in the same manner. In many instances in which marine animals are used, it is commonplace to keep the uses secret in an attempt to protect the animals from harm. A random dolphin swimming in the ocean is likely to receive little-to-no attention from an enemy force, unless it is known that they are being used.

In some instances, sea creatures, such as dolphins, will wear electronic pingers which assist in clearing underwater mines. Although it is a key giveaway that they are not randomly swimming through the area, it is typically small and not seen from a distance. There is also discussion among conspiracy theorists and others that speculate to the reason for military dolphins that devices to jam sonar are sometimes attached during times of war.

Until Russian military officials choose to reveal the true nature for the dolphin purchase, speculation about the reasoning will most likely continue. Therapeutic reasoning seems to be the most likely cause for the purchase, especially one made so publicly. However, many find it fun to guess as to why the dolphins were purchased, using their creativity and imagination to come forth with wild backstories. Yet, others are simply contempt that the dolphins will provide much needed therapy to a soldier that is tired from duty.

If you had a guess, why do you think the Russian military purchased the dolphins?

[Photo Via: Matt9122/Shutterstock]