Mariah Carey Joins Madonna In Being Shamed After Nipple Exposure

Showing a nipple onstage, even if it’s an accident, usually isn’t that big of a deal. However, if you are a woman over 40, society tends to be harsh on you. The Daily Mail commented on Mariah Carey’s recent wardrobe malfunction.

“She likes to show off her curves in the most glamorous of gowns. But Mariah Carey, 46, revealed a little bit more than she bargained for on Thursday night with the star’s nipple cover poking out from inside her plunging LBD as she arrived at the VIP Room in Paris.”

Mariah Carey Nipple
Mariah Carey isn't ashamed of her body. [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

The Daily Mail added that Mariah was having a great time while sucking on lollipops and dancing with rapper Busta Rhymes. Still, the comments about Mariah after the article are harsh.

“Wardrobe malfunction? the dress is a wardrobe malfunction in its own right. So are the shiny tights and the tacky shoes. That plastic nipple is hardly noticed,” claims Koen de Koning.

“Dear Mariah. We know you have breasts. You are certainly blessed in that department. No one is arguing. But, we don’t need reminding of this every time you go out. Really, we don’t,” says Johnboy.

According to the Sun, Ms. Carey exposed part of her breast the next day as well.

“The 46-year-old singer was heading out of her Paris hotel on Thursday when her plunging frock revealed a little too much flesh. She covered her eyes with black shades but she wasn’t as protected over her chest and her outfit struggled to contain her bulging cleavage.”

Once again, the commenters were not impressed.

“Why are all the old celebs that nobody cares about trying to get famous by flashing their bodys and then saying ‘whoops didn’t know’ when they blatently know they intend on doing it?” asks Mohommed H.

“Why do they keep saying wardrobe malfunctions! They are not at all! They are calculated exposure to get themselves in the papers etc!” says Percy.

Twitter seemed to have a sense of humor about Mariah’s overexposure.


The backlash against Mariah Carey’s nipple is similar, but not as harsh, to Madonna’s nipple exposure at a concert in Turkey in 2012.

Rolling Stone described what was then considered shocking news.

“Fresh out of the fire from her recent provocation of French political leader Marine Le Pen, Madonna continued to court controversy on her MDNA world tour, flashing her nipple at an audience in Istanbul, Turkey on Thursday night.”

The article adds that Madonna’s exposure came during a performance of the song “Human Nature,” a song about not being ashamed about your sexuality. Madonna was ridiculed in the media but ended up claiming that the actual nip-slip was an accident. Still, it got so much attention the first time that Madonna decided to do it again in Paris to show that she wasn’t ashamed.

Since 2012, people have been a little bit more open to women showing nipples with the Free the Nipple campaign hitting social media. However, older women are still told to “put it away.” Do you think Mariah Carey and Madonna are victims of ageism, or would they be better off keeping their breasts covered? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photos by Robert Mora and Jason Merritt/Getty Images]